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News on Sally and Sarah

1st May 2022 update on Sally and Sarah and all orders to date

Sally and Sarah were involved in a serious accident while out on bicycles in central London in December 2021. Further tests have been carried out over January, February and March along with specialist appointments. These have shown the injuries sustained are significant; much more complicated than initially thought. Sally and Sarah require 12 months to heal with the hope for a full recovery. They are currently doing intense physiotherapy and hand therapy. Sarah broke several bones in her face in the accident. Unfortunately, there are some complications. She recently met with a brilliant maxillofacial surgeon who has ordered some new tests to determine the best course of action. This may involve a major surgery. We are crossing everything for the best possible outcome. 

In arm and hand news, Sally and Sarah are continuing with the rebuild under the care of the fantastic physiotherapists and hand therapy teams at the hospital here in London. They meet the hand surgeon at the end of May to find out more. 

As always, thanks for your continued support. 

Sally and Sarah apologise for this causing delays on productions but are slowly and gratefully getting things done. Updates are on the site.


They were completing a round of clothing, art and magazine orders by hand prior to the accident, which have been subject to a major delay. Some items ordered prior to the accident were held up as some members of the production team unfortunately got Covid so for safety production was paused. Orders are now slowly going through and the new orders placed after the accident will now go into production through May. Sally and Sarah tend to each order personally are terribly sorry and eager for you to get your orders.

Please however, kindly exercise patience to avoid further undue stress to Sally and Sarah.

A gentle reminder, prints and items in the 'fanzine collection' have been made available and priced at favourable rates to assist with Sarah and Sally's rehabilitation. You may well have been directed to BLAG via a wonderful musician or artist and we appreciate and admire the support and community of it all. 

Sally and Sarah are extremely grateful to everyone and advise patience as part of the buying process. They're doing their best to stick to production dates, but just a small caveat, as above Sarah and Sally are hands-on with orders and may need a little flexibility regarding specialist appointments, intense physiotherapy and well-being. You will of course, be kept informed here or by email.

Please note: Orders made after today will go intro production as per product descriptions. All items are made-to-order – with the exception of back issues – for uniqueness, thus production timeframes should be factored in when ordering. We make made-to-order items to avoid waste, so we very much appreciate your custom. 

To support Sarah and Sally while they recover, please subscribe, support, browse and order items from the shop. 

Quite a few people have very kindly asked to directly support Sally and Sarah. They have discussed this and while grateful want to offer a gesture in return. Please find details here.

They very much appreciate everybody's well wishes, support and patience.