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BLAGmagazine.com is a London-based lifestyle magazine and brand, specialising in entertainment content covering music, film and TV, art and style, culture and travel, plus health and well-being.


Our goal is to help our readers and subscribers discover the good things in life, find joy in the now and look after their future selves. 


Published by BLAG UK Limited, content is produced and / or edited exclusively by BLAG’s co-Founders Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards, along with our guest contributors. To enhance features when required: features may contain additional content, such as film stills, promotional videos or photography from artists, fashion houses, hotels, locations or record labels. This additional promotional material is provided by and credited to the copyright holders.


Editor / Publisher 

Sally A. Edwards

Sarah J. Edwards


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Suite 827

19-21 Crawford Street

London W1H 1PJ


Our phone number is: +44-20 3239 7475 - please contact us via email in the first instance.


Registered in England and Wales

Company Number 04919078 

VAT number 854 1221 50

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We aren’t currently accepting internships.

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