When Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards sat down with long time friends Beastie Boys, there was no question the meeting of their minds would make for an off-the-wall humour driven conversation. Yet nothing prepared them for the spontaneity that ensured when Sally and Sarah debuted the BLAG Word Game on the trio. Like a Game Show meets Chat Show, subjects covered include: work out, school, dance routines, essential packing, how to order a take out by Ad-Rock, mockney rhyming slang with Mike D, a secret paella recipe from MCA and much more.

The original story was first published in BLAG Vol. 2 Nø 2 print edition in 2005.

Interview by Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards
Photography by Sarah J. Edwards
Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards
Lighting Assistance: Money Mark
Styling: Michael Diamond, Adam Horowitz and Adam Yauch
Location: Brussels, Belgium

For the cover of Vol. 2 Nø 2 we wanted to give you a real treat. So, we the BLAG ladies reached out to our good friends the Beastie Boys.

As Adam Yauch, Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz have been interviewed and interrogated many, many times before, we devised a special operation - one that would utilise their great improvisational skills. In short, we gave the B-Boys free reign to semi-conduct their own interview.

With only a handful of questions, and a specially devised card game, each member of the group was confidentially given keyword cards permitting them to pose any question they wanted to the other two, as long as it included that particular word.


Somewhere far, far away, in a secret location in Brussels, the game commenced...


Editor's notes:
1. The [brackets] noting Adam Y's various accents loosely denotes its regional dialect.
2. We're not normally fans of the exclamation mark, however on this occasion we had to let it go, it was the only way of getting across to you how much laughter was going on.

Adam Y: [singing] That's what it's all about. Honey! If that's moving up, then I'm...




Adam H: OK, is it time to go? My question is to Adam Yauch. How come you're such a blagging blagger?
Adam Y: [raising his voice] OK. Why don't you blag off, mate?
Sarah: Adam, I love that, but you've used the wrong side of the card.

Adam Y: [continues in Scottish/English/US accent] ... because blagging is for great blaggers and I'm a great blagger and you're just blagging off mate!
Adam H: Alright, my actual question was can you tell me the secret to the ultimate blagger's 'work out'?

Adam Y: Er, yes. First of all you have to have all your tools in order.

Adam H : Mmmm.
Adam Y: And you have to have a plan that's foolproof.
Adam H : Mmmm.

Adam Y: And, er, and then you have to have a team that you really trust.
Adam H : That's true.
Adam Y: And when all of those things are in order. Then, er... you shall succeed my friend.

Mike: Wait, wasn't I supposed to blag us into something last night?




Sarah: Adam. Describe Mike's attitude and party tricks.
Adam Y: Well, you know it varies, sometimes Mike has a good attitude, but sometimes Mike has a really bad attitude.
Adam H: It's true.
Adam Y: When it comes to party tricks and party favours, Mike is very sharing and caring. In terms of facial expressions, Mike is, you know, he's experimental. He doesn't hold back. He cares about himself and those around him and I think it's evident in his weirding ways. I like Mike.




Sarah: OK, next one. Mike, describe Adam H's facial expressions, dress sense and most notable saying.
Mike: Adam is very versatile when it comes to facial expressions, he can go from being a ferocious tiger to an innocent little lamb!

[Adam H demonstrates lamb face.]
Mike: See, just like that. Dress sense, he likes to sport it fresh. But then again, he's not afraid to experiment and take it...
Adam H: Take it to the limit, one more time.
Mike: ...well, past the realm of fresh and take it to a place that isn't really fresh at all.

Sarah: Most notable saying?
Mike: Most notable saying. I'll tell you a phrase he likes to tell me often. "There's no 'I' in team, Mike." Not just, "There's no 'I' in team", but "There's no 'I' in team, Mike." Directed to me.
Adam Y: I know Mike's most notable saying! If I'm allowed to throw that in here? [pauses for build-up] "JUST CONCENTRATE ON ONE THING AT A TIME!"
Adam H: Focus.
Mike: Focus.
Adam Y: Focus.
Adam H: [laughing] There's no "I" in focus! Unfortunately, Mike's saying that he likes to say all the time has to do with going to the bathroom, it's always different, but it's always one theme. Mike, have you noticed that?
Mike: What you mean about the outbox?
Adam H: [laughing] He talks about his outbox.
Adam Y: What's that, is that like a cat box?
Adam H: He talks about emails needing to be sent. I don't know why he tells me these things. He could just say, "I'll be back in a few minutes."
Mike: Yeah, but you know, I feel like then I'd be leaving so many things to mystery. Like he'd ask, "Where did Mike go for those few minutes?", "What's he doing?"!
Adam H: Let's move away from this whole thing.
Sarah: Let's move along.
Mike: Sarah's like, "If you're going to get scatological, we're going to stop talking right now."




Mike: Dear Adam and Adam, describe to me your strategy for "blagging" yourselves into a club, party, fashion event etc.

Adam H: The best way for me to get into a club is to say, "I know Mike D."

Adam Y: Wow. That's heavy.
Adam H: [clicking his fingers] Quick like that, quick like that!

Adam Y: Yeah, I don't know, I don't know. I don't really have a system. I don't really have a method, but probably just like, um [points to his card] can I use this as my answer?
Sally: No
Adam Y: No? I'm not allowed to?
Sally: No.
Adam Y: DANCE ROUTINE! Ha ha ha!
Sally: Is that what you'd do to a doorman to get into a club?!

Adam Y: That's what I'm saying.




Adam H: What are your thoughts on school?
Sarah: Oh no, ha ha!
Adam H: It's a question!
Mike: I think school's [giggling] a great place!
Adam Y: A place for the children to learn.
Mike: Yeah, it's a nice place for children. I had some nice times there as a child. Davis really likes his school, which makes me happy. And we, as rappers, this is sometimes I think misconstrued, we're referred to as old school, when actually really we're in fact, we're middle school and I just want to clarify that right now.




Adam Y: Is this directed at any particular person?
Adam H: School?
Adam Y: No, no, now it's my turn. If at some point in the future the words "dance routine" have a new meaning. What will that meaning be?
Adam H: [takes a deep breath] Well, it could mean a few things. It could mean "fried baloney sandwich", it might. It might be, "pulled groin" or "pulled hamstring". It could mean, "You look great today!"
Adam Y: Alright.
Mike: I was going to suggest "indigestion".
Adam H: [in voice-over style] Mike was going to suggest if in the future "dance routine" didn't mean "dance routine" it would mean "indigestion".




Sally: What are your tips on getting over jet lag?

Adam Y: Oh! I got some.
Adam H: [laughing] Are you sure?
Mike: Yauch and I probably concur on this subject.

Adam H: Do they work?

Adam Y: Normally they do, but I wasn't able to use them on this particular trip because I had a cold and so I didn't want to, you know, put myself on the edge! My plan, which usually works really well is, stay up the night before so you're so fucked up, ha ha, that way when you get to the place you have to just stay up. If you can stay up past dinner, 'til it gets dark, then you crash and then you're good. I usually stay up a whole extra night, but this time I was sick so I couldn't do that.

Adam H: I've got two. For jet lag, my own personal is drugs or Scrabble or both. My little brother says, if you get somewhere and you know you're going to have jet lag, just get as drunk as possible and you'll then pass out and get enough sleep. That's what he said.

Adam Y: Your little brother or older?

Adam H: My little brother...
Adam Y: He's a college boy.
Adam H: He's a college girl.

Mike: My own personal, what's the word, anecdote is actually a bit of a hybrid between Adam and Adam's. It's something I employed on this trip.

Adam H: This'll be the Mike D...
Mike: The infamous...

Adam H: ...Diamond technique.
Mike: Yeah! You know like, I flew overnight. OK, first of all, not everyone... I drink just like one. I don't really drink, but I drink just one little glass of wine, you know, get on the plane and I find that just sets the mood, gets me tired right there. I sleep on the plane on the way over, this is on an overnight flight. From New York to here. Then, the same as Yauch said. You can't take a nap once you arrive at your destination, it doesn't matter how tired you get, it doesn't matter how badly you want to close your eyes, how badly you want to lay down. That's no! Uh uh! You’re committed, you stay awake, you see dinner through, even if it's like nine or 10 o'clock and you're exhausted, that’s OK. But you're not going to close your eyes or lay down until that time.

Adam Y: I will say one thing, you have to take jet lag by the balls. You have to be aggressive.
Mike: Oh and another thing I tried to do this time too – because we flew into France, after staying up and staying up through dinner. We got back to the hotel and I still felt like a little bit awake, and I had like a little bit, like a half a glass of wine from the honour bar and I felt that helped and I slept. Boom.
Adam Y: So, what you're saying is you're using the jet lag as an excuse to be a wino?
Mike: Ha ha ha! Kind of, yeah!




Sally: What are your tips for essential packing, or what's in your essential packing?
Mike: Draws.
Sarah: We're not asking too much of a private question.

Mike: Clean draws are important.
Adam Y: I say, 10-days worth of clothes.
Mike: Mmm.
Adam Y: I say 10 changes of socks and underwear and T-shirts. If you need more, then you've got to do your laundry. If you're gonna be gone for like two weeks, you can't take more than that, that's just stupid.
Mike: I concur. I did 10. Ha ha, you can count my draws in my bag, you can count 'em and my socks. 10.
Adam Y: Because it's really a week, but you have a couple of extras, because you may not be able to do your laundry in a week, so it's like three extra days of the week. I'm very serious about that! Ha ha ha!
Mike: This is getting a little personal, but I feel like if I wear a pair of draws on non-show day, they're not dirty yet.

Adam Y: Mike? They are dirty. They're soiled.
Mike: No. They're not dirty until I've played a show in them. [Jerome, Beastie Boys road manager enters the room]

Adam Y: Ah Jesus, Mike! A road manager should not carry more than five pairs of pants with him.
Mike: Ha, yeah. KRS-ONE made that clear.
Adam H: Write that down, duly noted, Mike wears dirty underwear.
[Jerome holds up a piece of paper reading UR Nasty]

Adam Y: Mike, if you don't play a show for four days in a row, you're wearing the same...
Mike: NO, NO, FOUR DAYS? NO NO, THAT'S OUT OF THE QUESTION. I'm saying like, wa.. wai.. wait, let's backtrack! I'm not gonna wear those draws for more than like a day and a half. Two days absolute max. I'm just saying that if I haven’t played a show...
Adam H: On tour, travelling, when you pack. Don't pack something you'd never wear back at home. Don't think you're going to get out on tour and you're going to experiment. You got a pair of gold hammer pants. You're not going to throw them in the bag. You're not going to wear them. You're not going to wear them at home, you're not going to wear them out here. I've made that mistake.

Mike: I've made that mistake too, Adam and I wanna say that's good advice.
Sarah: Even the gold hammer pants?
Adam H: Yes.
Mike: I haven't made that mistake with the gold hammer pants, but I’ve definitely... I'll tell you actually what my biggest flaw packing for this trip is. I bought way too much silk. [gets the giggles].
Adam Y: Fuck, Mike? Are you an old lady?
Mike: [still laughing] No, the silk long johns. The undergarments that keep you warm, 'cause it hasn't been that freezing up until we got to Berlin and here. So, I haven't really had a chance to bust 'em out. But now it got cold so, I’m bustin' it. I have a pair on right now.
Adam H: It's alright, we'll take your word for it.
Mike: So, it's...
Adam H: ... I believe you.
Adam Y: Mike, it should be strictly canvas long johns.

Mike: See, look [Mike shows his silk top].
Sally: Oh wow! So is that an all in one?
Mike: Jerome, don't look at me getting like, "Oh, Mike's crazy" when you've got a gang of silks with you! Don't front.
Adam Y: Did you ever tie your hair up in a silk scarf?
Mike: No, but I like to slick my hair back into one nice little tight bun.
Sally: Not a ponytail?
Mike: No, a little bun.




Sally: What are your travel style tips?
Mike: That's a good topic, I have something to say on that matter if that's alright and I think Yauch'll concur. One of the best things with travel is that you get to see, you can co-opt the local flavour if you will, the flair. If you go to Italy and there's the dope old man look with the sweater vest, button-down shirt, either the tie or the, I think you call it the cravats, we call it an ascot. The cap and then the tweed or checked blazer, slacks, that's a dope look.
Then here in Brussels, the old men have a similar thing, but a little bit different. So, it's like each spot and you can kinda peep their local disguise if you will.
In France, they had a whole 'nother thing. And also, when we were in Germany, in Berlin at the airport, incredible disguises throughout the airport. It was overwhelming.
Sarah: Incredible disguises?
Mike: Yeah, there's a whole variety. Where do I start, like the guy... umm? Alright, there was this one guy that has his jeans tucked into his boots, he was kind of a big dude and he was running in the airport with a big beer in each hand, that's German disguise if I've ever seen one. Clearly, the man was an undercover agent trying to blend in like he was German. Then also, there was some good older German women disguises, also at the Berlin airport. Again, agents dressed up like elderly women. Good disguise.




Sally: How do you amuse yourselves on tour?
Adam H: I think we should take the mic away from Mike for this one. [Clearing his throat] On tour we like to do, you know, fun stuff. Guy stuff. Tiddlywinks, Red Rover...
Adam Y: Practical jokes
Adam H: Crazy pranks stuff, you know. Short sheeting each other’s beds, wedgies, kid's stuff.
Adam Y: Whoopie cushions.
Adam H: A lot of whoopie cushions, onion powder, stuff like that. Fart spray. Yeah. Good fun wholesome stuff. We play games... Buck Buck.
Adam Y: [shouting] DO NOT PLAY BUCK BUCK!
Sally: Buck, whaty?
Mike: Sometimes I sneak itching powder into these guys' clothes.
Sarah: Itching powder in silks would be nasty.
Mike: Yeah.
Adam Y: What is Buck Buck again?
Adam H: Buck Buck is a game where you sort of straddle one another. It's a hugging, humping sort of game.
Adam Y: Breaking the hugging chain.
Adam H: Yep. You know, shoulder rub circles, stuff like that.
Sarah: That sounds like something private.
Adam Y: The other night after the show here in Brussels, we went into the square and all played ring-a-livio together. We were like [singing] Ring-a- livio, one, two, three.
Adam H: Tiddlywinks, we play a lot of mumbledy-peg.
Adam Y: Nimbledy-peg. Yeah.
Adam Y: You know how to play hangman? It's kind of a guessing game, a word game.
Sarah: Now, you’re pushing the boat out.
Adam H: That’s fun.
Adam Y: That is a sick, sick game.
Mike: What's the game called, when you like punch the other guy, it's errr... like the one guy holds his breath...
Adam Y: Yeah, we do that.
Mike: Until he actually passes out.
Adam Y: It's called going Punch for Punch.
Adam H: Punch For Punch or we just make each other pass out.



Sally: I did an interview with Ahmir [The Roots] and he plays Scrabble.
Adam H: Woah! He plays Scrabble?
Sally: Yeah. He said, "Anytime Ad Rock wants to get his ass- whooped, I'm tired of him name-dropping Scrabble and Boggle. Like he gets triple seven words with x, y and z all the time."

Adam H: For the record, you can play scrabble, an emailing Scrabble game and I'm playing with some friends of mine right now. I WILL get in touch with him, I will email a game of Scrabble and we will forward you the results of the game to BLAG magazine.

Sarah: We should set a live one up, that'd be better.
Adam H: Yeah, we could do that too.
Mike: Wait, how do you know? I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but let's say you're playing your email Scrabble. How do you know that he doesn't have somebody coaching him?

Adam H: He could cheat, yeah. You could cheat, you could.

Adam Y: Yeah that's what I was going to say.
Adam H: Yeah.
Adam Y: Email scrabble is a cheater's game.
Adam H: Yeah, but it depends, me personally, I'm not an honest person, but the people I'm playing with are honest. So, it's more to my advantage 'cause I'm a liar and a cheater.

Mike: He could have Stephen Hawking over his shoulder while he's playing. He's the guy in the wheelchair with the voicebox, the world famous scientist.
Adam H: He could. He could have him there. Just cause he's a genius doesn't mean he's good at Scrabble, Mike.
Mike: That's true.
Adam H: Look at me.




Sarah: There’s one more question in the travel section, what has been your best overseas discovery, something the US doesn't have?
Adam Y: [in German/Kazakstan accent] Zee Germans. Ha ha! We don't have zee Germans and we miss them. Something we don’t have back in the US? I know Mike's going to say [another accent, perhaps Dutch-ish?] pannekoek [pronounced by Adam as pannenkooken].

Sarah: A whaty?
Adam Y: Pannenkooken. [Sings in accent] PANNENKOOKEN.

Adam H: He always says that.
Mike: Can I interject for one second, Yauch?
Adam Y: I didn't finish saying what Adam was going to say? He was gonna say [ropey Dutch accent] CHOFFLES.
Adam H: [adopts child-like "I want" tone] I usually go choffles, choffles.
Adam Y: Choffles.
Adam H: [in voice] I can't wait to get choffles.
Adam Y: And then I would say, ummm, probably something Italian. [in London accent] Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps and I've got all the right change and everything. Ha ha!

Mike: Now, I just want to point out, that though I am a fan of "pannenkooken", in Holland. And it is true, you can't get true "pannenkooken" in the US, you know you have to go to Holland for that. Every Saturday at my house is Pancake Day. So, it's not like I'm totally without.




Adam H: OK, so my question to you Mike. Name one profession in which you speak with your hands?
Mike: Very easy. DJing.
Sarah: Ah! So, you're playing it like a game the other way around?

Adam Y: Actually, my cousin is an interpreter for the deaf. She does sign language. So of course that's another occupation.
Adam H: I could've said two and he might've been stumped.
Adam Y: What did your card say? Oh, DJ. Whose turn is it?

Mike: Well...

Mike: Hey, I’ll wait.




Mike: [with the giggles] Now, Adam, I think you know me pretty well [uncontrollable laughter, fights to get words out].
Adam H: Oh no, I don't like where this is going already.
Mike: So, you know that I'm known to keep my ear to the... [still unable to get his words out].

Sarah: Oh no, it's not a guessing game.

Adam H: Toilet? Pancake? Dog food bowl?




Adam Y: You have a feeling. It's a colour. You're not happy right now... Often referred to in jazz. It's also a form of music. It's, errr, the sky.
Adam H: Blue.
Mike: For the record, that's not the word.

Sally: That was his card.
Mike: Oh, that was his. So what is it? I'm supposed to ask a question incorporating this word?
Sarah: That was the plan, it's fine. It's up to you.
Mike: OK, Adam, what is your favourite piece of attire to wear on the street, when you're playing Buck Buck?
Adam H: You're asking me? Oh, he doesn't play Buck Buck, so I guess that would be me.

Adam Y: I haven't played yet.
Adam H: Now you're open to it, is that what you're saying? For Buck Buck I like to wear denim. A good thick dungaree I think is a quality item, because it gives, it bends. If you fall, it absorbs some pain, you won't get bruises. So, I think dungaree, denim or stretch denim is a positive Buck Buck outfit.
Adam Y: Pre-washed?
Adam H: Stonewash, pre-wash, however. Yeah. It's good to wash your clothes.
Adam Y: Pre-fade.
Adam H: High-top fade.




Sally: Name three words or expressions that should be banned.
Adam H: Oh Wooowww. "My bad", "it's all good"... "my bad", "it's all good"... there's got to be another one.
Adam Y: "I'm in the house."
Adam H: "Fo' sheezy."
Mike: "That's hot." So, I am guilty myself of using it.
Sarah: [deadpans] "That's hot" in a sort of Paris Hilton style?
Mike: Yeah, but we should all be done with that now.
Adam Y: Oh, how about, "Is that my chisel or did you take it from my shed?"
Adam H: Everybody's saying that right now, I hate that.
Adam Y: It's a little strange.




Sarah: How's your cockney rhyming slang coming along?

Adam Y: How's it coming along?
Sally: Or Mike's mockney.
Sarah: Yeah, we discovered Mike's a mockney.

Mike: What are you saying, man?
Adam Y: Snockered
Sarah: Oh, you're just making it up.
Mike: I'll tell you this, I got my bonnet done yesterday.

Sally: You mean, barnet?

Mike: Barnet?
Sarah: Oh come on, that wasn't that bad.
Mike: I thought it was more like bonnet.
Sally: Barnet. Barnet fair: hair.
Adam Y: What? Mike, your hair is barney? What?
Adam H: He's a barney.
Adam Y: [in Scottish accent] Is he a barrrrney? [in London accent] Barney Rubble. Trouble.
Adam H: Bubba Sparxxx. Ha ha ha... something!?
Adam Y: Cuts. Bubba's nuts.
Sarah: Mike's Bubba'd his barnet?
Adam H: Bubba's barnet. Huh?
Adam Y: Bubba Sparxxx's barnet, that's a funny one. Big over in the UK right now.
Mike: It's weird you say that. I heard some real knees-up fall-on-the-floor techno last night at about 5.30 outside of my room.
Sally: Did you?
Mike: Yeah.
Sally: Wow.




Sally: What do you cook best? Tell us the recipe.
Adam Y: Can I tell you the whole recipe in cockney rhyming slang?
Adam H: I order Chinese food. That's what I do best.

Mike: Yauch, you do a few things. You do a great paella.

Adam Y: I can make paella, yes.
Adam H: Yo, stop souping him up, Mike.
Mike: I'm just saying.
Adam Y: Paella is a complicated thing to make. That's not gonna be like a quick discussion. Although, I'll say my Dad's secret to making paella is he doesn't put all the seafood in before it's cooked and then cook it in the rice... He cooks the rice in the oven with the capers, peas and pimentos, but he cooks the seafood on top of the stove in white wine. Then he combines them; puts the shellfish in with the rice in the oven and bakes it all together. I think it’s clever because you never know when you're gonna get a bad clam and it won't open. You could get sick. This is a method that works.
Adam H: OK.
Adam Y: What?
Adam H: Well, you're not really saying your recipe, you're saying your Dad's recipe.
Adam Y: Well, I know, I just...
Adam H: That was a cop out.
Sally: Well, you didn't give us a recipe.
Adam H: I don’t really cook well. I order Chinese food, I'm good at it. Very good at it. I do all the ordering in my house. I'm their number one customer, they told me themselves. The guy came to my door and he went... for the microphone, I mouthed the word, "One."




Adam Y: Could you just give us an example of you ordering Chinese food right now?
Adam H: Yeah. Hi. I’d like to order some food to be delivered.
Adam Y: Yes, what would you like, sir? What's your address?

Adam H: OK, my address is blah blah blah. Yeah, no, no, no, sorry, number one, yeah. Oh, the phone number? It's blah blah blah.
Adam Y: Come again?
Adam H: It's 212 Erp Erp Epp blum blum blum blum. Yeah, I'd like to order Chicken with Broccoli.


Adam Y: Vegetable Special?
Adam H: No wait, I'm still on hold.

Adam H: OK, I'd rather have chicken with cashew nuts, chicken with Bubba Sparxxx. I mean chicken with Bubba's nuts and I'd like to hold the leachy Bubba nuts and the celery and all of that crap. I just want chicken cashew Bubba Sparxxx. And I'd like a half order of fried dumplings and I'd like two Cokes please, with white rice. How long you think that'll be?

Mike: Wait, you want two Cokes over white rice?

Adam H: Five minutes, 10 minutes?
Adam Y: [in another unrecognisable accent] OK, one chicken with Bubba's nuts.
Adam H: Hold the leachy nuts.
Adam Y: One! Alright, sorry.




Mike: I'd like to give a recipe real quick.
Adam Y: No.
Mike: This is something that's gonna help everybody. Come on, why?

Adam and Adam: No.
Mike: I just want to say my family loves said recipe that I'm about to say. I made it at Thanksgiving, it was a big hit. It's great for winter. It's a winter squash recipe. You just cut up some squashes, you know a red kuri squash, whatever, like any of the different winter squashes. There's a bunch of different ones. Cut 'em up. Put 'em in a bowl, you know take the seed bits out. Put 'em in a bowl, olive oil, shoyu and apple cider.
Adam Y: Sue you?
Mike: Shoyu, it’s like soy sauce.
Adam Y: Show you Bubba's nuts?
Mike: Put in a bunch of ginger. I know the publishers of BLAG are big fans and endorsers of ginger. Gang of ginger. Let it marinate for a minute. [Adam H snores]
Mike: Bang, put it in the oven. 375F. Are you in Fahrenheit?
Sally: Centigrade.
Mike: I don't know how to convert it.
Adam Y: That's about 100 degrees.
Mike: You don't know! How do you know that?
Sally: That's low. I reckon it sounds more like 180.
Mike: Anyway, so 375F. Boom. Put it in the oven until it's a little bit soft.

Adam H: It's so much easier ordering Chinese food.
Mike: And then you're done. It's quick! You chop it up, boom, put all the stuff in there. Put it in the oven, you're done!
Adam Y: [in Scottish accent] Forgive me, Michael, but if you put ginger hair in the food, no one's going to want to eat it.
Sarah: Oh no, and you were sitting there thinking that one up for a while, weren't you!?
Adam Y: Yeah, but...
Mike: Where was that accent supposed to be from anyway?
Adam Y: It's kind of Scotland on the way over to Ireland though. If you're going to visit and you want to be sure that the Irish can understand you. The thing is though they don't put capers in the rice in the paella here in Brussels.
Adam H: I don't like capers.
Adam Y: I have an issue with that. Capers are good in paella.
Adam H: I'm not having it, I'd pick 'em out.
Adam Y: It's time for you to come around.
Adam H: I'm picking 'em out.
Adam Y: I will make it with scallops.
Adam H: I can eat scallops.
Adam Y: But I will not put peanut butter in it. Or mustard.

Adam H: I like peanut butter, I rather it if you didn't put mustard in. But I'll eat a scallop.
Adam Y: Capers are really good though.
Adam H: ... I'm set in my ways, I'm opening up. I'll eat a scallop. You should be happy for me.
Adam Y: I'm not going to try and rush you into this, but...

Adam H: I don't like gherkins either.
Adam Y: ... but I will hold you down and force a thousand capers in your mouth. When the time is right and you will love them.




Sally: Alright, three questions you never want to be asked again?
Adam H: "Why's your boy Mike like that?"
Adam Y: Three questions we don't want to be asked again? "What have you been doing for the past six years?"

Mike: That's number one. By a landslide! [in continental accent] "Your record is a love letter to New York. Why is this?" What else? "You have been together such a long time. Why?"

Adam Y: [in similar accent] "Other groups have gone solo, why have you still together?"




Sally: What are your top British comedy sketches, punchlines and, or sayings?
Mike: Well, one of my favourites is David Brent's music video from The Office.

Sarah: The white shirt one, the Simply Red cover?

Mike: Is it a Simply Red cover? It's the special one, where he makes the music video. He spends his own money and makes the video.
Adam Y: There's one, I think it is, what's it called, I think it’s Beans and Mortimer or something?
Sally: Reeves and Mortimer.
Adam Y: [laughing] Reeves and Mortimer. There's this car, like in the middle of an empty giant field and the other car pulls in one inch away, like it's the only other place to park and then tries to open his door and hits the guy's door and the guy goes "Oi!" and he just keeps opening his car door and he's going "Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!".

Mike: That reminds me, there was this show on like five or six years ago that I had a tape of. Like, the guys go in to a store and they start taking cereal boxes, which say 30 per cent more free, and then they start eating it. And the guy in the store comes up and starts yelling at them, like "What are you doing?" and they're like, "We're just eating the free bits." I always thought that was particularly clever.




Adam Y: OK, Adam and I'm only going to give you five seconds to answer this. What is the highest scoring word that you've ever gotten in Scrabble?
Adam H: The word is grenades. So, I’ve answered the actual question. The score I think was either, 128 or 136 points. I did it on a triple.

Adam Y: On a triple.
Adam H: Triple, triple with a bingo. Ahmir from The Roots, what do you think about that?




Mike: When eating "pannenkooken", what is your favourite flavour?
Adam H: I just like the "pannenkooken". I like the sweet or savoury. I like "pannenkooken", Mike.
Mike: So, any flavour?
Adam H: Not ANY flavour, but I’m just saying, I'm open. I like baloney. I'd have ham on my "pannenkooken".
Mike: How about pineapple?
Adam H: I'm not that into that.
Mike: Alright, I'll get you with this one. Ad Rock, you like Mustard on your "pannenkooken".
Adam H: I do not like Mustard on my "pannenkooken". This is good stuff you're getting for the magazine, this is like secret stuff.




Adam H: I have one, I don't know what to do with that word.

Adam Y: Can you make some kind of joke?
Adam H: Yeah! Did you hear the one about the corduroy pillow?

Adam Y: How does it go?

Adam H: It's making headlines all over.
Adam Y: I did hear that.
Adam H: Oh good. You didn’t like that one? OK. That was for joke, the word was joke.




Sally: OK, from new hip hop, which lyrics have made you go "Wow, I wish I'd thought of that?"
Mike: There's like a few things. I don't know what I'd say specifically. Actually, I'd say "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" the Jay-Z song. I just wish we... like...oh! That'd been a hot song to make. I mean he's got like a bunch of things, "like 52 Cards come out", "back in the building", you've got a bunch of things on there, but just as a whole song.

Adam Y: It's mainly the groove.

Mike: That beat, yeah exactly. Like if you'd gotten that beat. Anyone who would've gotten laced with that beat from Timbaland, I think coulda won.
Adam Y: Jay Z flows nice over it though.
Mike: I'm trying to think. Actually, I like how Talib did the song "Broken Glass", how he took the hook and he did like a whole story on the song. I thought that was very cool and the track is nice too. With both Mos Def and Freeway on the "Two Words" song on Kanye's album, they both say some crazy things. For some reason I really like... well it's more really an intonation and flow thing when... urr. Wait, Freeway says something like "Oh my god! Slightly retarded." But the way he says it, it's like the best thing ever. But I don't think I could get away with it, there's something about his voice, his intonation, and he just pulls it off.

Adam H: I wish I would've done the Rappin' Duke, when he said "Da-ha, da-ha, da-ha ha ha ha ha."
Mike: I like it when Biggie Smalls says the "Rappin’ Duke, da-ha, da-ha."
Adam H: I've been thinking about that for years now and I wish that was me.




Sarah: On a barometer, what's gone too far with hip hop and what important elements are being lost or forgotten?

Adam H: At the bar mitzvah?
Sarah: Ha ha, on a barometer.

Adam H: Mmmm, what's gone too far with hip hop?

Sarah: Yeah and what's been lost and forgotten?
Mike: What's gone too far with the bar mitzvah?
Sarah: On the barometer. It was just an idea on how to structure it, you know?

Adam Y: Well, one thing that's kind of been lost is a lot of switching off. Like really switching off, like new rap language style. And the old way, the way that like Funky Four, Flash, The Furious Five, the way they used to switch off and shit. It was kinda cool.

Mike: Do you know something that’s missing from hip hop? There's not that many real entertainers. You see this with Doug E Fresh, we just did some stuff with him, there are not that many real entertainers in hip hop that really take putting a show on very seriously. He is the world's greatest entertainer. None of us can live up to that.

Questlove for BLAG magazine Photography by Sarah J. Edwards
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Shepard Fairey

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