Borderless by Rey Parlá

This Friday at Happy Lucky Nø1 Gallery, Crown Heights, Brooklyn see the debut show by artist, Rey Parlá entitled, Borderless.

Borderless features original works by our good friend, Rey Parlá created using ‘photographic materials and one-of-a-kind chromogenic prints originating from Rey’s handmade kinetic “motion paintings”, the rigorous results of his early experimental filmmaking investigations to re-evaluate cinematic and photographic conventions of non-narrative forms.’

“I am the camera. My hands the mechanical levers, my eyes the prism and lens, my energy processes “negative capability” through painting, scratching, and drawing while using line and light to deconstruct and re-construct the mysteries of the visual image as I create self-portraits on this celluloid material of emulsions.” Rey Parlá

Rey works with expired large photographic negatives instead of his brother, José’s primary choice of canvas to create “Scratch | Graphs”. ‘Guided by intuition, Rey makes small paintings, concrete abstractions that he processes into unique photographic prints where the medium itself is the subject.’

If you’re in Brooklyn while the show’s on, we highly recommend paying the Happy Lucky Nø 1 gallery a visit. The show runs until 5th June 2016.