Grace Coddington + Comme Des Garçons = Grace


Flame haired fashion pioneer, Grace Coddington, now at 75 years young, has teamed up with master perfumers Comme Des Garçons and design maestros Baron & Baron to launch her first fragrance 'Grace by Grace Coddington'
This unassuming, down-to-earth Welsh lady is a famed former model and producer of some of fashion's most memorable images while she held fort as Creative Director at American Vogue. We love her spirit and passion to keep things creative and fresh.


We spoke to our awesome and talented friend, Yuki Iwashiro, Baron & Baron's Art Director about the project.

How would you describe the fragrance?
Grace Coddington is an icon with a cat obsession and a deep love of roses. She is a story teller, through her illustrations and sensorially through her fragrance, so the bottle design for her new fragrance had to reflect that. In the process we coined the cat-head-cap CATSTRONAUT, Cat-Astronaut. [Laughs]

Is it for women only?
I doubt Grace would ever want to stand in the way of any man who wants to wear her fragrance.

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Top image by Yuki Iwashiro