Bada$$ and Knight Live


We recently met up with Pro Era's Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight for the forthcoming BLAG magazine. To celebrate Joey's upcoming album B4.DA.$$ we figured a cover was only right. As part of his feature, Joey will be bringing you his Ten Essential Ways to Make it Happen and there’s some truly golden advice in there. 

Also in the edition, Kirk writes his story of producing, MCing, first beat loves and provides a written freestyle using key words from BLAG. 

Love these guys. 

Interviews & Photography: Sarah J. Edwards, Art Direction: Sally A. Edwards

You can pre-order your copy here, or get your copy with a limited edition BLAG label piece here 

In the photo: Sarah taking a photo edit meeting with Joey during his shoot for BLAG at the Dome Suite at Hotel Cafe Royal London. 

Watch Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight rhyme live for BLAG on the roof top of Hotel Cafe Royal, London