BLAG VIP Concept Collection

2015 will see BLAG grow and evolve and now is the time for us to make our offering to you that little bit more special.

Due to interest in the artistic and creative outputs of BLAG, we are evolving the store, beginning with a series of VIP membership collections that showcase our move towards being an online concept store, tailoring our offering upon demand. 

We're delighted to announce our debut Gold Label menswear line designed by Sally A. Edwards, Tom Hardy & Sarah J. Edwards sold out in Selfridges Men's Contemporary Department and we're currently working on a new line for Spring. We will expand our on-the-ground presence this autumn with a large scale art show in Mayfair, London exclusively featuring works by Sally A. & Sarah J. Edwards. Ahead of these big events, we have created VIP membership collections including pieces that will gain in value: hand signed art and coffee table editions – with the opportunity for you as an early adoptive supporter and influencer to have your own dedication in print, along with made-to-order hand printed art t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies

To celebrate this evolution, we will be producing a Limited Edition Art cover for the new coffee table edition of BLAG Magazine featuring the Raven Heart - a collaborative art piece by Tom Hardy, Bryan Glatiotis, Sarah J. Edwards & Sally A. Edwards.

VIP Memberships are in five categories Platinum, Golden, Silver, Bronze and Intro and are renewable after six months, in any category you wish. You are also welcome to purchase in more than one category if you would like.