Original Content

Many of you know BLAG is created by Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards who make all the original content. We're very grateful to those who appreciate what we do and respect that by enjoying it in print and by visiting our websites and social media. Also to those of you who understand how hard we work.

We would like to politely draw your attention to the copyright information at the bottom of this page and again request that nothing from the print edition, this site or any of our social media is scanned, screen grabbed, copy typed or made available in any other ways without our permission.

As you know, you are more than welcome to share photographs of the cover of editions you have purchased, but nothing from inside.

We thank those who honour and respect this request as you are aware of how much work this takes and you enjoy it the way it's meant to be. 

Copyright claim action will be taken where necessary for those posting without permission.

Thank you