Super Hero Creation with Clark Duke

My friend, Clark Duke stars Vol.3 Nø 4 in which he was subject to the infamous BLAG word game. Clark chose such words as intuition, bronze, lament, scorpio, apricots and amalgam. I'm pretty sure he chose amalgam because I was undergoing some pretty nasty root canal work when I'd seen him last. However, with him being in Kick Ass I wanted to go full Super Hero creation, so I've picked the question using his word, helmut. I think I rose to the challenge just fine. See what you think:

Ok, if I was Battle Girl what would my powers be and my costume… and being style and safety conscious, what would the helmut look like?

“Well you wouldn’t have any powers because I don’t have any powers.”

Yeah, I can! It gives you more depth with your answer. [laughs]

“[Laughs] Maybe your powers would be being able to find parking…”

[Laughs] Yeah.

“I would make your costume really skimpy, just because it would be way more comfortable than mine. You just want to do short shorts and a halter top, so it wouldn’t be so heavy.”

[Laughing] What about the helmut?

“For the mask, just…”

No, the helmut. The safety conscious helmut! [laughs]

“Maybe one of those half-helmuts like you see what bikers wear.”

So basically, just kind of looking like a roller girl.

“You’d look a lot like a roller derby girl. Yeah.” [grins]

But what kind of mask would I wear? I’d want to have some sort of speed on the helmut. Like wings or something, like old-school Thor-style.

“That’d be cool. I mean if you’re going for speed, you might want like a plastic mask, [runs hands down over face] like a welder’s mask.”

Interview: Sally A. Edwards


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