Dream Big | Introducing... Max Rinehart

Introducing... new actor, Max Rinehart who stars in our short, Dream Big alongside Harley Sylvester.


Max on set with Harley between takes.


When did you first decide you wanted to become an actor?

"I got cast in a play at school. I went to the auditions because you got to miss going to class.. or maybe it was rugby – something I wasn't very good at. So I didn't take it seriously. All the actors in my school seemed so different. I didn't think I could do it. But I got cast in a good part and that feeling of being on stage, there was and still is nothing like it. I was completely hooked!"

Tell us about your studies and the one moment within that, that truly set it firm for you, when you knew 'this is it, this is exactly what I want to do.'

"My training wasn't very enjoyable. Everyday was like therapy in a warehouse with no heating! Then I had to work long hours in the evening to pay for the pleasure of it. So I suppose just getting through the week was testing enough to be like, do you really want to be doing this crazy job?"

What were your initial thoughts on the Dream Big concept/story when we presented it to you?

"Ambition, being free, themes that create great drama so I was excited by it. More to see what Sarah and Sally would come up with too because they're such interesting people. Their approach to the world is inspiring."

What was it like working with Harley?

"Harley is a fucking dude, especially since we had to beat the crap out of each other all day. But testament to his warmth and sense of adventure that made it a laugh. It could have got very aggressive very quick!"

How did you find working with Sally and Sarah?

"They know how actors brains work. It's pretty terrifying, but the set was so relaxed. It was like a family. And you felt comfortable exploring what you wanted which is no easy task. They just get it."

How would you describe their Directing and Writing?

"To quote Nick Cave - 'kicking against the pricks'. That pretty much sums it up. They want to show you there's another way and that's really exciting."

What was your experience like on-set?

"Apart from some bruising, the whole day was a thrill. I just wish there was more of it!"

You got to spend some time listening to narrator, Chuck D talk whilst on a press trip to London, how was that?

"He's such an iconic person. It was a privilege to meet a man who knows his own mind and isn't afraid to share it with the world"

You also saw Public Enemy play for the first time this summer, tell us about that.

"I've never really been into hip hop before, so yeah, Public Enemy took my cherry! But one of my favourite bands is The Clash and they have a similar spirit. The energy was eye opening. They're a band who know how to use the power of words for good. It got me into Kendrick Lamar, artists like that. They're discovering innovations guitar music just doesn't have at the moment. Actually there's still a big playlist Sally gave me I still got to make my way through!"

What have you taken from the overall experience, that you may apply to what's next for you?

"Be brave by doing it your way, whatever that way is."

And what is next for you?

"I just been in a couple of TV shows called Drifters and then Jekyll and Hyde."