Flashback Friday | Let The Right One In

Flash back Friday to our interview with Kåre Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson of Tomas Alfredson's classic, Swedish horror, Let The Right One In from BLAG Vol.3 Nø 2


Swedish horror, Let The Right One in is a seriously standout film. It's a story of love and loyalty, that – albeit told via two pre-teen leads, speaks strongly to all generations. To celebrate the repackaged DVD, we bring you a Q&A with its stars, Lina Leandersson and Kåre Hedebrant who play Eli and Oskar respectively. 

We absolutely loved Let The Right One in and thought your performances were brilliant. How did you both get the roles?
Kåre: They came to my school in May 2006 and held an audition. After a couple of tests the role was mine in the autumn of 2006.

Lina: I saw an ad on the internet and sent a short video to casting director Maggie Widstrand. I auditioned three times, then I got the role as Eli.

This was your first feature film each. How long did it take to make and what one lasting memory do you each have from the experience?
Kåre: I was involved in the project for about eight months. I undertook training in free-diving – to learn to hold my breath for a minute and a half – and that was really lots of fun.

Lina: One lasting memory is when they cast my body and head with a clay plaster. I had the clay plaster on my head for one hour. A person sat and removed the clay plaster at the nostrils so I could breath. It was quite unpleasant. The best memory was filming and meeting all the people involved in Let The Right One In.

What was it like working with Tomas Alfredson?
Kåre: He was a great director and a very nice guy.
Lina: It was very interesting and instructive to work with Tomas Alfredsson. I learnt something new every day.

What did you learn from him?
Kåre: It ́s hard to pinpoint something special. It ́s been a while since the filming, and I was only eleven years old when it started. I probably developed as an actor.
Lina: Everything you use when you making film.

The film is set in 1982, how did you find it going back into a time that is unfamiliar to you?
Kåre: I didn ́t go back in time myself, I just put on different clothes and a different hairstyle, which I didn ́t really fancy. Lina: It was interesting to go back in time to see how it was before I was born. The interior, money, candy, music and the clothes were different in 1982.

Lina, can you tell us about what it was like to film the flying, climbing and big jump scenes?
When I shot big jumps, I had a harness on me. I was practising with a stunt and got advice on how I would land.

Kåre, can you choose your favourite scene to shoot and talk us through it?
It ́s hard to choose a favourite scene, but I do remember when we went to the former garrison of Boden, and shot a few scenes in a giant military storage-freezer. This was needed for some of the scenes with the jungle-gym, because Tomas wanted an exact temperature and a certain light.

Where do you see yourselves in ten years time?
Kåre: I have no idea. Maybe studying, and hopefully I have an apartment of my own.
Lina: Within ten years I want to be a successful actress and work over the world.


Interview by Sally A. Edwards

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