Remembering J. Dilla

Sally and I met James Yancey when Slum Village first landed in London. Having loved his work with The Pharcyde & A Tribe Called Quest we were amped about SV and little did we know how much would happen.

Sally arranged as a surprise for Questlove to join her in interviewing Dilla (then Jay Dee), Baatin and T3 for our first BLAG book. I photographed the gents in a tiny hotel bathroom, me balanced in the tub.

Soon after I was hired as SV's publicist and we created a storm with the media falling in love with them.

The group first told me what bling meant, explained click tracks and I was even privy to a private in car beats session, Dilla, Baatin and T3 freestyling and using windows and doors to make beats.

Mtouch gratitude for the brilliant memories and numerous shoots, hang outs and great talks. Plus for being such big supporters of our endeavours, even crossing the pond to help launch our first book.  

Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

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