Some 14 years ago, our dear friend Mourad Mazouz along with French master chef Pierre Gagnaire transformed 9 Conduit Street, London W1 into one of the most out-of-this-world, go-to spots, sketch.

For those of you yet to experience this all sensory huge treat, here's what to expect: an art laced, gold-leafed ceiling, hopscotched entrance hall.


A vast selection of high-end teas and cakes in The Parlour by day and cocktails and dancing at night. Exotic 70s-esq vibes while you dine in The Glade and the most flattering, candy-floss pink throughout The Gallery restaurant, complete with hundreds of framed sketches adoring the walls, leading into the super exclusive West Bar, where you mustn't even whisper your secrets.



Upstairs is the 2 Michelin starred Lecture Room which offers three course meals and tickets to the Royal Academy of Art - check the site for details. 

The thing about sketch is not just the beautifully thought out food, teas and cocktails, it's the fact that the atmosphere transports you right out of the crazy, fast pace of London into something completely serene. 14 years later, it's magic is as fresh as ever. 

Merci beaucoup Monsieurs Mazouz et Gagnaire. 

Photography courtesy of sketch.