Murakami Takashi's 'Homage To Francis Bacon (A Study of George Dyer)'

For any serious art collectors, our friends at Hang Up Gallery have just released this Takashi Murakami rarity, 'Homage To Francis Bacon (A Study of George Dyer)'.

An internationally prolific contemporary Japanese Neo Pop-Artist, Murakami's work is considered some of the most highly desired art in the world for collectors. Living and working in Tokyo and New York, he creates imagery inspired by Manga and Anime figures. Murakami coined and created the Superflat movement, 'which describes both the aesthetic characteristics of the Japanese artistic tradition and the nature of post-war Japanese culture and society.' He also manages the careers of several younger artists, organises a biannual art fair GEISAL and created the Hiropan Factory - reminisce scent of Andy Warhol's factory, where assistants cooperate with him on artworks since 1996. 

If you journeyed through art school like us, studying Francis Bacon was considered a very important - if not disruptive - element of the course. The fact Murakami focused on George Dyer in this instance is intriguing. Dyer infamously met his future lover Bacon when attempting to rob his home. Young and vulnerable, Dyer was a different kind of partner for Bacon. 

Murakami Takashi's 'Homage To Francis Bacon (A Study of George Dyer)' prints in edition of 300 numbered and signed by artist are available from