A very important message to all of our valued and loyal supporters!

Hi everyone,

After much consideration and extremely busy past few years, we have come to the big decision to change the way we are working. 

As you are aware from our short summer hiatus, we have some very exciting new projects building in the wings, all the while we have been managing the apparel side of BLAG. As these gain momentum, they now require our full attention and energy.
Therefore, we are making all made-to-order apparel pieces created by Sally A. Edwards, Sarah J. Edwards and Tom Hardy currently on both BLAGmagazine.com and WeAreBLAG.com available for the last time ever.

As a thank you, we wanted to give you the opportunity to order pieces you love or may have missed first time around. We're thrilled about what we have coming up next and will let you know details as soon as we are able. As such, we are sure you'll be very happy to own a piece of original hand-created BLAG clothing and magazine!

We're bringing back a very special one-off Limited Edition Gold Label Collection for the occasion too, featuring sought-after classic designs; Ship, Sketchbook, Lucky Sevens, Hand on Heart and Ace of Hearts: Success.
Please place your order now to guarantee your beautiful, rare pieces made just for you.

Along with apparel, super limited edition art prints from Sally, Sarah and Tom with signatures will be included with orders on a first come, first served basis. All packed in a cotton bag.

We're really grateful for you being on this creative journey with us. Getting all your support, kind words and hearing how much you appreciate the original art is incredible. We value your enjoyment of our work tremendously and all the great stories you tell us associated with you wearing our pieces are wonderful. It's been an amazing experience and every piece of art has so many positive stories attached to them.

All of you awaiting orders, these are in production. If you would like to add to that order, as goodwill we will reimburse your new shipping fees. Just add your original order number in the notes section. 

Thank you very much everyone,


Sarah, Sally and Tom