We've got such a treat coming up for you and are delighted to share our news:

BLAG Vol.4

The next evolution of BLAG sees Sally and Sarah create and release four deluxe ad-free print editions, featuring all original interviews and photo shoots with the world's top entertainers.

Each edition will be released seasonally and in king format with a range of high gloss stunning collector's covers to choose from to proudly sit on your coffee table.

As a companion to the magazines, Vol.4 includes a beautiful printed BLAG Diaries book with behind-the-scenes, unseen shots and stories from the making of the releases.

"BLAG, the favourite magazine in the world." Chuck D, Public Enemy

As a thank you for your loyalty to BLAG thus far, we are inviting you to be an early adopter by becoming a VIP subscriber. This specific invitation is available to 100 people only. Along with your magazines and Diaries book, VIP subscribers will get two complimentary high-end, organic BLAG t-shirts.
The first t-shirt will feature the much sought after classic BLAG logo. Items will be presented in two stylish BLAG book bags. VIP subscribers also get all shipping included for the price of one.

Please find your invitation here:

In 2017, we are also expanding our publishing with paperbacks and will start with the release of a Ten Essential book. This will be an expansion on the hugely popular editorial where unexpected and brilliant advice is given by your favourite artists. Keep an eye out for further information on this inspiring and fun release.

Finally, we're thrilled to also let you know that Sally and Sarah have a very exciting BLAG inspired television series in development, stay tuned to for more details and news.