Mont Jake

As soon as producer and singer Mont Jake opens his mouth and his voice hits the mic and blasts from the speakers, we dare you not to give him your full attention... and you'll likely get goose bumps in the process. Listen to the live version of Daydreaming here. 

In short, he's one of the most flawless live vocalists we've heard lately. His ability to reach, hit and hold such a range of notes is capturing.

Just 24 years old, this musical master was born and raised in Copenhagen. He began making his homemade music from scratch at just 16-years-old. Since making a bold move to London, only knowing one person in the city, he has captured the attention of Island Records, secured a deal and is fast gaining a Pied Piper reputation; just about everyone he meets wants to work with him. Case in point his debut material features guest appearances from Wu Tang wordsmith Masta Killa on Shadow, Chicago poet Noname on I Had Music and dancehall veteran Assassin - Kendrick and Kanye's go to. We grabbed some Q&A time with this total talent.

You bravely moved to London from Copenhagen knowing one person here, can you list five unexpected experiences that have led to you achieving your goals?

"I'm still on route to achieving my goals. [laughs] However, [First] being surrounded by Jamaican and grime influences inspired me to make the track Pearly Cloud. 2. I've caught myself singing with a UK accent! 3. I've bumped into Frank Ocean in my local grocery store and had a long chat about art. I guess I need to get used to the endless opportunities of meeting big artists anywhere in London. 4. Getting signed to the legendary Island records. 5. It's not about London, but still very unexpected: Flying to NYC to meet and collaborate with the Wu-Tang Clan."

How would you explain your music to someone who is yet to hear a note of it?
"Imagine if Nordic melancholy and 70's soul merged inside of a hip hop beat from 95’."

What are the absolute differences you have experienced by moving overseas?
"London is a vibrant music scene, and being new in it, allows for all things new. Experiments, new collaborations, and discovering new sides of myself."

What are the biggest things you have noticed and been influenced from the creativity of London?
"The diversity, the energy, and the big city vibe. Copenhagen is a village in many ways. A beautiful and well-dressed one, but a village none the less."

Is there anything you would trade from Copenhagen and London? This can be as wild as you want!
"I miss my bike! I miss biking and bike lanes and the culture of it in Copenhagen. In London you need to watch your back, and beware of the red double decker busses."

Can you tell us a little about how you feel when you're singing and hitting notes perfectly?
"I feel simultaneously cool and terrified that I won't be able to do it again."

What element of a song have you surprised yourself with the most? Like, creating a harmony or lyrics coming to you that you didn't expect.
"All elements surprise me. You never know what will suddenly inspire or appear on the screen. But I think there is an embarrassment and shame about being a white man in the world right now, so my last lyric was about that, the sad right wing political turn of events in 2016 has surprised me a lot."

What is it honestly like to know you are making enriching and emotional music that people are going to attribute to all kinds of different life experiences?
"Music has absolutely been the soundtrack of certain moments in my life, and when I think about how music is still able to recall memories and events in my life, I can only say it would be such an honour to be able to do that for somebody else."

Interview: Sarah J. Edwards

Photography: Elliot Kennedy