Joshua Homme on Women

When we featured Queens of the Stone Age's Joshua Homme on our cover for BLAG Vol.2 Nø 9 we covered so many subjects from creating characters based around recording sessions to the aspect of Joshua's personality that comes to the front when performing. And jokes... and accents... and styles. We also touched upon Joshua's desire to have a 50/50 ratio of girls and boys attending their shows and the point for this is...

“I just think the girls could really show the boys a thing or two, you know? I think what's important is not to play how macho you are and peacock around because well, that's what's not important to me because I don't really care so much for that you know? And I'm uninterested by it, but I like people, I like mingling and talking, and hanging out and doing stuff and I think the girls really control that better, and do a better job of it and have more panache. Like these cards and stuff like that. It's like, just more style and so I respect it more you know and I've always thought of women as the more powerful of the two sexes, hence why men are always like, 'Stay down!' 'Stay in there!' Shiiit! You know it's like from panic you know, but I like strong women. My wife is a really strong woman.”

Joshua Homme, for BLAG Vol.2 No 9. Get the classic print edition here

Interview by Sally A. Edwards

Photography by Sarah J. Edwards