Introducing... Chelsea Edge

Introducing new actress, Chelsea Edge who stars in our film, Take You With Me alongside William Moseley...

When did you first decide you wanted to become an actress? 
"Looking back, I guess it was what I always wanted I just didn't know it at the time. I hadn't had much involvement with the arts until I started an amateur dramatics class at 17. It wasn’t until I reached my final year of university that I realised that there was nothing else I wanted to do."

Tell us about your studies and the one moment within that, that truly set it firm for you, when you knew 'this is it, this is exactly what I want to do.' 
"I went from pillar to post after leaving school, I was indecisive and unsure where I wanted to go. The idea of leaving school and being an actress at 16 never crossed my mind, it wasn't something that seemed like it could be a reality for someone like me, it was just a hobby. After changing one course after another I finally decided that I wanted to be a drama teacher, once I was at university I gained the confidence and support to believe that being an actor was something that I could achieve. I'd started something I never wanted to stop doing, I came to a point where I couldn't go back, I had to be on stage or on screen."

What were your initial thoughts on the Take You With Me concept/story when we presented it to you?
"I loved the simplicity of it, Sally and Sarah presented me with an idea of this powerful love of two people that was subtle and pure. It was an idea that wasn't surrounded by 'noise' or interference of the outside world, which I really connected with.”
What was it like working with William?
"William was a pleasure to work with. It was nice to be working with someone who had been in the industry a long time and he was very grounded and polite. Although it was a little awkward at first, I think William felt a little uncomfortable at first as he thought I was only 17!
How did you find working with Sally and Sarah?
"Sally and Sarah have a nack of making people in their company feel at ease. Filming can sometimes be pretty stressful when you have a limited time scale, but they held everyone together really well. They were always very clear about what they wanted in the film and how they wanted it to be done which made my job much easier."

How would you describe their Directing and Writing?
"They are both very calm when directing, I think the fact that they are so clear and sure about what they want makes it easier for the whole crew. We didn’t have much time or space but everything went very smoothly which I think is a positive reflection on their direction. I would describe their writing as poetic/romantic with an edge, listen to the narration through the film it's really beautiful, then the addition of Chuck D’s voice just gives it that kick, and it really works!”
What was your experience like on-set?
"It was one of the most relaxed filming experiences I’d had. The crew were amazing, it just seemed like a big family."

You got to spend some time listening to narrator, Chuck D talk whilst on a press trip to London, how was that?
“It was actually quite surreal, it’s incredible listening to someone like Chuck D who is so passionate about what he does and about the world, he was truly inspiring.”
You also saw Public Enemy play for the first time this summer, tell us about that.
"It was brilliant, I went to watch it with my friend and we were just buzzing after it! I also had the pleasure of having dinner with Chuck D, and spent the rest of the week bragging about it to my D’ad whos a big fan!”
What have you taken from the overall experience, that you may apply to what's next for you?
"The overall experience was very humbling, working with very talented and considerate people on a piece likeTake You With Me just makes you push harder for the next project. Sarah and Sally are incredibly inspiring, I feel lucky to count them as friends and I hope that we will be able to work on something again in the future.”
And what is next for you?
"Who knows! I’ve done a few shorts now so I’m hoping to start getting into features. In an ideal world I’d like to work on some gritty British drama with Shane Meadows or Danny Boyle."

Take You With Me

A little love story

Written & Directed by Sally A. Edwards & Sarah J. Edwards
Narrated by Chuck D
Starring William Moseley
Introducing Chelsea Edge

Hair & Make-Up Carolyn Gallyer at CLM
Hair & Make-Up Asst Cecille Hildebrandt at CLM

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William Moseley leads our Take You With Me film, written and directed by Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards. Narrated by Public Enemy's Chuck D and introducing Chelsea Edge...

We first talked about working together years ago and finally made it happen, thank you! What were your initial thoughts on the Take You With Me concept/story when we presented it to you?
"I thought the concept for Take You With Me was very cool. The idea of the white t-shirt is an iconic symbol really dating back from the 50's where we saw James Dean famously grace the screen in Rebel Without A Cause. From then on people have romanticised the idea of the blue jeans and white shirt: the all American look. It is a symbol of freedom, the open road and a chance to break from the suits of society. That is really what interested me and why I trusted Sarah and Sally. Their taste is alway impeccable so I knew we would have something pretty great on our hands.”
Dream Big | Introducing... Max Rinehart

Introducing... new actor, Max Rinehart who stars in our short, Dream Big alongside Harley Sylvester...

 When did you first decide you wanted to become an actor?

"I got cast in a play at school. I went to the auditions because you got to miss going to class.. or maybe it was rugby – something I wasn't very good at. So I didn't take it seriously...

Dream Big | Interview with Harley Sylvester

We first met for Harley Sylvester of Rizzle Kicks for his BLAG feature, Sally talked to him about acting and he told us it was his first love. He's done some great stuff since including a lead role in The Guvnors. For our short film, Dream Big we of course invited Harley to be involved. Here we discuss the idea, shoot day and final piece.


When did you first decide you wanted to become an actor?

"I was about 14. I always knew I wanted to do something creative, however I wasn’t quite sure what I was actually good at . Like many secondary school kids, a lot of my early teenage years were based...

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