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Actor, Adrien Brody in Paris, photographed by Sarah J. Edwards

Adrien Brody On Making Movies With Staying Power

Sally A. Edwards joins Adrien Brody for a day in Paris to discover, that you can take the boy out of Queens, but you can’t take Queens out of the boy. Adrien takes Sally into his world of monkeys, motorbikes, bull fights and beats and discusses the dedication he has to create such compelling performances.

Art by Ron English

An Art Lesson from Ron English

Sarah J. Edwards interviews legendary artist Ron English, who divulges secrets on the use of colour for his strikingly beautiful paintings and how he created his iconic Abraham Obama piece.

Actor Andrew Garfield, photograhed by Sarah J. Edwards. Art Direction and Styling by Sally A. Edwards

Andrew Garfield on The Collective Unconscious of Hollywood

For the very first time online, please enjoy part one of our classic Andrew Garfield interview.

Art by Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham On How Successful People Communicate And Other Stories

Sarah J. Edwards in conversation with Daniel Arsham on a vast array of subjects including Easter Island, fictional archaeology, hip hop, calcite, communication etiquette and his tweets.

Franz Ferdinand in London. Interview & Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

Franz Ferdinand Play The BLAG Word Game. Encyclopaedic Knowledge, Hysterics And Vertigo Ensue

Sarah J. Edwards invited Franz Ferdinand to the top floor of Centre Point in London for their cover shoot and interview. Back then, it was one of the tallest buildings in central London, so there was little time for vertigo and plenty of opportunity to soak up the extraordinary views. Sound tracked by Lil Wayne, Jay Z and James Brown, the band recount incredible stories and much hilarity ensued as we rolled out the BLAG Word Game.

Sofia Boutella interview by Sally A. Edwards

How Moving Across The World Created A New Life for Sofia Boutella

Sally A. Edwards chats with "Atomic Blonde" and "Climax" star, Sofia Boutella about upbringings, moving across the world and intuition.

Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker

Jeremy Renner "If you can remain semi-anonymous you can constantly be discovered."

We're delighted to share Sally A. Edwards' conversation with Jeremy Renner which was recorded prior to the release of Katherine Bigelow's multi-award winning film, "The Hurt Locker". Back then, Jeremy had literally just received the call to play Hawkeye. The inspiring conversation covers everything from taking you inside the suit to travel, cooking, architecture and some unforgettable facts about you and your home.

Julian Casablancas | Interview by Sally A. Edwards | Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

Julian Casablancas “...everything in the universe...looks for success."

Sally A. Edwards met Julian Casablancas in Manchester when he was on his first solo tour promoting, Phrazes for the Young. The two discussed creativity, success and collaborations.

Mark Ronson Interview by DJ Buzzkill

Mark Ronson vs DJ Buzzkill aka Comedian Jordan Rubin "It's Not A Competition"

On the eve of Mark Ronson releasing 'Version', he wanted to do something different for BLAG. So he got together with his friend, comedian Jordan Rubin and masterminded to create a truly exclusive interview for us. It was here Jordan evolved into DJ Buzzkill to put Mark on his toes. Or at least try to.

Singer songwriter Miguel photographed in London by Sarah J. Edwards

Miguel On How The Power Of Thought And Words Are Paramount To Success

When Sarah J. Edwards met Miguel, she wanted to dive into the more spiritual side of life and creativity with him. Past the historical formalities, she began her interview with a pivot point to ignite dialogue, rather than a question: The Power of Thought. It spurred a really honest, unexpected and vulnerable conversation. This is for anyone seeking a way to make their dreams come to life.

N*E*R*D Interview and Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

Pharrell Williams on Chad Hugo’s Inventive Dance Moves

Sarah J. Edwards joins N.E.R.D’s Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shae Haley for an enlightening and wide ranging conversation. The inspirational and creative visionaries reveal thoughts on the future of print and digital to signature dance moves, the appreciation of women and the aging process.

The Raconteurs in London photographed by Sarah J. Edwards

Sally Conducts The Raconteurs' Dream Interview

When Sally A. Edwards was presented with a list of questions to avoid ahead of meeting The Raconteurs, she created a hilarious, odyssey into the quick witted minds of Jack White, Brendan Benson, Patrick Keeler and Jack ‘Little Jack’ Lawrence using the BLAG Word Game. In what ended up being the band’s dream interview, subjects range from good deeds and dance moves, first impressions, insight, art and tea, faucets, hygiene and an ad-lib story inspired by consequences.

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