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Probably The Funniest Beastie Boys Interview You'll Ever Read

When Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards sat down with long time friends Beastie Boys, there was no question the meeting of their minds would make for an off-the-wall humour driven conversation. Yet nothing prepared them for the spontaneity that ensured when Sally and Sarah debuted the BLAG Word Game on the trio. Like a Game Show meets Chat Show, subjects covered include: work out, school, dance routines, essential packing, how to order a take out by Ad-Rock, mockney rhyming slang with Mike D, a secret paella recipe from MCA and much more.

Probably The Funniest Beastie Boys Interview You'll Ever Read
Interview by Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards

For the cover of Vol. 2 Nø 2 we wanted to give you a real treat. So, we the BLAG ladies reached out to our good friends the Beastie Boys.
As Adam Yauch, Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz have been interviewed and interrogated many, many times before, we devised a special operation - one that would utilise their great improvisational skills. In short, we gave the B-Boys free reign to semi-conduct their own interview.
With only a handful of questions, and a specially devised card game, each member of the group was confidentially given keyword cards permitting them to pose any question they wanted to the other two, as long as it included that particular word.

Somewhere far, far away, in a secret location in Brussels, the game commenced...

Editor's notes:
1. The [brackets] noting Adam Y's various accents loosely denotes its regional dialect.
2. We're not normally fans of the exclamation mark, however on this occasion we had to let it go, it was the only way of getting across to you how much laughter was going on.

Adam Y: [singing] That's what it's all about. Honey! If that's moving up, then I'm...


Adam H: OK, is it time to go? My question is to Adam Yauch. How come you're such a blagging blagger?
Adam Y: [raising his voice] OK. Why don't you blag off, mate?
Sarah: Adam, I love that, but you've used the wrong side of the card.
Adam Y: [continues in Scottish/English/US accent] ... because blagging is for great blaggers and I'm a great blagger and you're just blagging off mate!
Adam H: Alright, my actual question was can you tell me the secret to the ultimate blagger's 'work out'?
Adam Y: Er, yes. First of all you have to have all your tools in order.
Adam H : Mmmm.
Adam Y: And you have to have a plan that's foolproof.
Adam H : Mmmm.
Adam Y: And, er, and then you have to have a team that you really trust.
Adam H : That's true.
Adam Y: And when all of those things are in order. Then, er... you shall succeed my friend.
Mike: Wait, wasn't I supposed to blag us into something last night?


Sarah: Adam. Describe Mike's attitude and party tricks.
Adam Y: Well, you know it varies, sometimes Mike has a good attitude, but sometimes Mike has a really bad attitude.
Adam H: It's true.
Adam Y: When it comes to party tricks and party favours, Mike is very sharing and caring. In terms of facial expressions, Mike is, you know, he's experimental. He doesn't hold back. He cares about himself and those around him and I think it's evident in his weirding ways. I like Mike.


Sarah: OK, next one. Mike, describe Adam H's facial expressions, dress sense and most notable saying.
Mike: Adam is very versatile when it comes to facial expressions, he can go from being a ferocious tiger to an innocent little lamb!
[Adam H demonstrates lamb face.]
Mike: See, just like that. Dress sense, he likes to sport it fresh. But then again, he's not afraid to experiment and take it...
Adam H: Take it to the limit, one more time.
Mike: ...well, past the realm of fresh and take it to a place that isn't really fresh at all.
Sarah: Most notable saying?
Mike: Most notable saying. I'll tell you a phrase he likes to tell me often. "There's no 'I' in team, Mike." Not just, "There's no 'I' in team", but "There's no 'I' in team, Mike." Directed to me.
Adam Y: I know Mike's most notable saying! If I'm allowed to throw that in here? [pauses for build-up] "JUST CONCENTRATE ON ONE THING AT A TIME!"
Adam H: Focus.
Mike: Focus.
Adam Y: Focus.
Adam H: [laughing] There's no "I" in focus! Unfortunately, Mike's saying that he likes to say all the time has to do with going to the bathroom, it's always different, but it's always one theme. Mike, have you noticed that?
Mike: What you mean about the outbox?
Adam H: [laughing] He talks about his outbox.
Adam Y: What's that, is that like a cat box?
Adam H: He talks about emails needing to be sent. I don't know why he tells me these things. He could just say, "I'll be back in a few minutes."
Mike: Yeah, but you know, I feel like then I'd be leaving so many things to mystery. Like he'd ask, "Where did Mike go for those few minutes?", "What's he doing?"!
Adam H: Let's move away from this whole thing.
Sarah: Let's move along.
Mike: Sarah's like, "If you're going to get scatological, we're going to stop talking right now."

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