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Sylvia Hoeks says "Let It Happen To You"

Sally A. Edwards interviews "SEE" and "Blade Runner 2049"'s Sylvia Hoeks about her new show, beginnings, iconic antagonists, unusual inspiration for characters and fashion.

Sylvia Hoeks says "Let It Happen To You"
Interview by Sally A. Edwards
Photography by Boaz Kroon

Today, Apple foray into the lucrative and highly competitive world of original content with the launch of “Apple TV+”. 

The line-up so far includes: “The Morning Show” with Jennifer Anniston, Reece Witherspoon and Steve Carrell and “Servant” from M. Night Shyamalan starring BLAG cover alumni, Rupert Grint along with one-to-watch, Nell Tiger Free. Then there’s “Dickenson” starring Hailee Steinfeld and “Truth Be Told” about a true crime podcaster starring Octavia Spencer. It’s all A class and there are more shows being signed-off to follow. 

The one that’s got everyone very intrigued though, is “SEE” with a major league team including those behind film franchises and TV, “Planet of The Apes”, “Hunger Games” and “Peaky Blinders”. 
So far many critics have utterly panned the show and comments under trailers have viewers guffawing at the concept - and I’m putting it politely. At circa $15m per episode which includes paying to “drain a lake” in order to have an “unseen location”, the curiosity is huge. Time will tell how the show unveils itself.

“SEE” stars Jason Momoa as Baba Vada, father of the all seeing twins and Alfre Woodard as Paris along with Sylvia Hoeks who plays Queen Kane.

So is it actually good? Well, “SEE” has been shrouded in mystery other than its trailer - which on Apple TV+’s channel has had 27m views with comments switched off. So we got Sylvia to tell us about it and we can tell you her past performances have been positively received. You will have likely seen Sylvia as the critically acclaimed, Luv in “Blade Runner 2049” and as Camilla Salander in “The Girl In The Spiders Web” so you’ll know she’s bringing an arsenal of skills.  

We talked to Sylvia about her the show, beginnings, iconic antagonists, unusual inspiration for characters and fashion. We also got acting guidance for those of you wanting to launch your careers and found out what unexpected genre she’d love to be involved in. 

Firstly, Sylvia tells us a little more about the story, “‘SEE’ takes place in the distant future, 600 years after a deadly virus decimated humankind. Those who survived, emerged blind. Humans have refined and enhanced their other senses, adapting and transitioning into smaller, more tightly knit communities. Then, two babies are born with the now fabled power to see. Their lives will launch a quest to find the mythical place that houses all knowledge of our civilization and a goal to remake the world learning the mistakes of our past.
But are they destined to repeat the mistakes of the past once the gift of sight is reintroduced to humanity?”

No wonder season two has just been greenlit, it seems like a complex story, but it’s today when subscribers will get to watch the “SEE” premiere. 

Sally: You star in “SEE” as Queen Kane, a spiritual and military political head. This sounds incredibly powerful! How would you describe her from looks to ambitions and weaknesses?

Sylvia: She’s a leader that operates by her own standards, driven by love and fear. If these two are off balance, there’s no knowing what her next move is. She’s very smart and always one step ahead of everyone but she is equally as emotional which causes her to be reckless at times.

Sally: What was a typical day like on set for “SEE”?

Sylvia: We shot on a lot of remote locations outside of Vancouver and so we’d often be filming in beautiful nature, but my palace was built in an old power plant and the set designer really did an amazing job with that location in creating the queen’s world. We had an amazing Canadian crew and a wonderful cast that very quickly became one big family. Working with Francis on the scenes was so much fun. He’s a true collaborator but has a clear view on the story he wants to tell. A typical day of Queen Kane was just so much fun as she is very fun to represent. It’s a character you can be very free with and very strong with. There’s vulnerability in her spirituality and strength in her leadership.

Sally: You’ve been acting for 14 years, prior to that you modelled whilst at school. Did the modelling spur you into acting?

Sylvia: I’ve been wanting to act from when I was eight years old when I acted in my first play at school. Being able to show my emotions and be true to a story as a young person really affected me very positively. I wanted to become an actress ever since.

This story first appeared on in November 2019

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