The Hurt Locker 10th Anniversary

Lead actor, Jeremy Renner discusses the multi-award winning film, architecture and role prep with Sally A. Edwards

A Lesson In Embracing Fear And Creating Brilliance With Elms Lesters' Paul Jones

With £50 and the keys to a dilapidated building, Paul Jones transformed Elms Lesters into a haven for the creation of original works by some of the world's finest contemporary artists.

Life Lessons:

Herbie Fletcher's Unperturbed

Pursuit of Happiness Can Teach Us All

by Sarah J. Edwards

Special Feature

Miguel On How The Power Of Thought And Words Are Paramount To Success

When Sarah J. Edwards met Miguel, she wanted to dive into the more spiritual side of life and creativity with him. Past the historical formalities, she began her interview with a pivot point to ignite dialogue, rather than a question: The Power of Thought. It spurred a really honest, unexpected and vulnerable conversation. This is for anyone seeking a way to make their dreams come to life.



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Daniel Arsham On How Successful People Communicate And Other Stories

Sarah J. Edwards in conversation with Daniel Arsham on a vast array of subjects including Easter Island, fictional archaeology, hip hop, calcite, communication etiquette and his tweets.