Franz Ferdinand Play The BLAG Word Game. Encyclopaedic Knowledge, Hysterics And Vertigo Ensue

Sarah J. Edwards invited Franz Ferdinand to the top floor of Centre Point in London for their cover shoot and interview. Surrounded by extraordinary views, the band recount incredible stories and much hilarity ensued as we rolled out the BLAG Word Game.

Queens of the Stone Age Play The BLAG Word Game And It's Hilarious

Sally A. Edwards brought out the spontaneous side of Queens of the Stone Age's Joshua Homme and Troy van Leeuwen via some thoughtful questions. Adding the BLAG Word Game, resulted in plenty of golden advice via an array of accents, laughter and sound effects.

Tell MGMT To Be Cheeky and This Happens

Interview by Sally A. Edwards
 Photography by Sarah J. Edwards


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Flashback to Wicklow with Travis Fimmel

Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards journeyed to Wicklow, Ireland to meet Travis Fimmel for his BLAG cover. While the Vikings crew and cast were readying themselves for the filming of season two, we took it for the team with this actor / practical joker. Then, by the grace of the gods, this Aussie got himself a BLAG cover. 

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