It’s a special day when the guy who soundtracked your school years asks to contribute to BLAG. While visiting London in 2007, Perry Farrell, the Lollapalooza co-Creator, Jane’s Addiction and Satellite Party frontman unveiled his thoroughly brilliant Ten Essential Tips To Be More Environmentally Friendly. One small step...


The original story was first published in BLAG Vol. 2 Nø 8 print edition in 2008, this is an edited version.

Photography and Introduction by Sarah J. Edwards
Story by Perry Farrell
Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards
Location: Soho, London

Perry Farrell. A man with a vision. From possessing one of rock’s most unique voices, fronting the uber-hip group Janes Addiction, to founding the US’s first touring festival Lollapalooza. Perry has a firm belief that one step at a time, people can change the world.


His passion to help better the environment has seen him take several large steps, from donating the proceeds from Lollapalooza to work with the Costa Rican government to help preserve the rain forest and for human rights when he raised a substantial amount of money for the relief fund and the rescuing of enslaved people in Sudan.


Perry is also making music again too, with his new project Satellite Party. He has brought together guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, Kevin Figueiedo on drums, Etty Lau Farrell on backing vocals and Carl Restivo on bass to create ‘Ultra Payloaded’ a concept album executive produced by Steve Lillywhite. It’s guest list reads as follows: The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea and John Frusciante, Joy Division / New Order’s Peter Hook, Thievery Corporation, Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie, Hybrid, Film Composer Harry Gregson-Williams and a 30-piece orchestra. Not only that, but Perry has created music to accompany an unreleased Jim Morrison Vocal track.


Perry Farrell and Satellite Party are currently working closely with Stop Global Warming and Global Cool. So, here are just some of those small steps that we can all take to help improve our environment. Ladies and Gentlemen we’re very proud to present, Perry Farrell’s Ten Essential tips on how to be more environmentally friendly.


Nø. 1

Unplug everything that you’ve got before you leave and when you stop using things. There’s something called ‘Phantom Power’ and even though you might’ve stopped using your product, if it’s still plugged into the wall, it’s still drawing electricity. So, pull those plugs out.


Nø. 2

Buy ecologically friendly products, there’s a whole new world out there of people who are manufacturing everything from environmentally friendly toilet paper and diapers (nappies). The difference is, things like, for example: the toilet papers, they cut down forests and they use bleach to bleach out that paper. Well, there’s companies like Seventh Generation that replant and reforest and don’t use bleach in their products, so be very careful when you choose the products that you’re gonna buy today, ‘cause it’ll mean a lot.

Nø. 3

Become pro-active. There are organizations out there that can give you information on how to help with the environment. Global Cool is a brand new organization that is going to be doing amazing things this year and over the next few years. Their plan is to reduce carbon emissions by a billion tonnes. Greenpeace is one of the great ones of all time, but look around, lots of people are looking to help and they’re looking for people to join.


Nø. 4

Become carbon neutral. It’s a lot easier than you think to become carbon neutral, although I know that most people don’t have the chance to have solar power or wind power, there is something called ‘Green-tagging’ and what that means in you can off-set your carbon emissions by investing in companies that are carbon free, like wind power, there’s wind companies and solar companies. So, this is known as green tagging, it’s almost like you’re buying a reduction of carbon by investing in these companies.


Nø. 5

My fifth idea is a very powerful idea and it involves voting. There are candidates out there today that are concerned about the environment; that care about the environment. They’re informed and they’re looking to create laws and create subsidies for other businesses that will turn themselves green. And then there’s the old regime that couldn’t care less, stay away from those guys and vote for the other guys.

Nø. 6

Transportation. Aside from industry, transportation is the number one contributor to global warming and carbon emissions. Today there are car companies coming out with what they call Hyper-cars, hydrogen fuel cell cars and there’s electric cars, they’re not that easy to obtain, but it’s getting easier, but in the meantime, why not ride a bicycle? I do it everyday in Venice Beach and it’s really a lot of fun, you get out and get to socialize with people and have coffee, and you feel better too.


Nø. 7

How about transforming your own business to becoming a Carbon Neutral business? Or at least consider the option of creating your product with materials that would be – as they call the term – ‘Cradle-to-cradle’. Cradle-to-cradle would mean, let’s just say we were a carpet company. Well, there’s no reason why a person should manufacture a carpet and when that carpet gets old you just throw it away. It’s really being wasteful, now today, there’s companies that understand this cradle-to-cradle concept and what they do is, they’re looking at their carpet service as more of a service whereby, you buy the carpet from them and then four or five years time, they come, take the carpet out and replace it with a newer carpet and use those materials again. So, you have to be a little bit ingenious today to keep up with what’s going on out there, because the whole world is going environmentally friendly and those that don’t are going to be left out. So, that’s a real good option. Think cradle-to-cradle and try to transform your own personal business.


Nø. 8

Recycling and composting. They’re very old ideas, especially composting, I mean composting probably dates back to the pilgrims? Sorry, I’m American! But the idea is you know, your waste isn’t really to be wasted. A lot of that waste can be used for growing plants, flowers and vegetables. And recycling is kinda easy, what you do is, when you throw your trash out, look at those products that are plastics and they can be used again for other products. So, you just separate those from the foods, because the foods, you can use for your composting. It’s pretty simple, but it really, really does make a difference.


Nø. 9

Is probably an idea that you wouldn’t think as environmentally friendly idea, but it’s really for the good of everybody, what I would say is let’s all think to get together and think to boycott those companies that are disrupting, disturbing and destroying the environment. And I’ll tell you what’ll happen, you’ll see their stocks plummet and I would give them about a month or two and they’ll turn around and try to play ball with all of us. So, even though it sounds kinda tough, but tough on them because we want a good healthy world. So, let’s get together and boycott.


Nø. 10

This last one is one of the spirit. I would say that it is important for all of us to go out and actually appreciate and enjoy the environment, because once you fall in love or re-fall in love with the world, you’ll realise why it’s so beautiful out there and why it’s worth protecting. So, I would tell everybody, have some vacations, have some weekends. Go outside, camp, party, surf, skateboard, snowboard, but just go out there and enjoy yourself and breath deep.

Adrien Brody for BLAG magazine Photography by Sarah J. Edwards Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards
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Helen McCrory for BLAG magazine Photography by Sarah J. Edwards Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards
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