Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock & Questlove's Scrabble Challenge

To celebrate the release of the Spike Jones Directed, 'Beastie Boys Story,' launching on AppleTV today. Here are two quotes from our now infamous Beastie Boys and Sally's Questlove interviews. You can read both hilarious features in their entirety by subscribing to BLAG.



...Moving swiftly on…

   "You travel a lot, have you got any advice for those about to go on a long haul flight or road trip regarding entertainment?"

   "Let's see… I keep my iPod on full – 10,000 deep. Games can keep you occupied. Dawn [one of Ahmir's managers] and I, we play Scrabble and Boggle. That's how I pass the time, play a lot of games. Anytime Ad-Rock wants to get his ass whooped… I'm tired of him name-dropping Scrabble and Boggle. Like he gets triple letter seven words with x, z and y all the time."

Now that is something I may well make a mission of. Could be interesting, although I absolutely refuse to take sides.

And Sally did, see Ad-Rock's response below:


Sally: I did an interview with Ahmir [The Roots] and he plays Scrabble. Adam H: Woah! He plays Scrabble? Sally: Yeah. He said, "Anytime Ad Rock wants to get his ass-whooped, I'm tired of him name-dropping Scrabble and Boggle. Like he gets triple seven words with x, y and z all the time."

Adam H: For the record, you can play scrabble, an emailing Scrabble game and I'm playing with some friends of mine right now. I WILL get in touch with him, I will email a game of Scrabble and we will forward you the results of the game to BLAG magazine.

Sarah: We should set a live one up, that'd be better. Adam H: Yeah, we could do that too. Mike: Wait, how do you know? I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but let's say you're playing your email Scrabble. How do you know that he doesn't have somebody coaching him?

Adam H: He could cheat, yeah. You could cheat, you could.

Adam Y: Yeah that's what I was going to say. Adam H: Yeah. Adam Y: Email scrabble is a cheater's game. Adam H: Yeah, but it depends, me personally, I'm not an honest person, but the people I'm playing with are honest. So, it's more to my advantage 'cause I'm a liar and a cheater.

Mike: He could have Stephen Hawking over his shoulder while he's playing. He's the guy in the wheelchair with the voicebox, the world famous scientist. Adam H: He could. He could have him there. Just cause he's a genius doesn't mean he's good at Scrabble, Mike. Mike: That's true. Adam H: Look at me.