BLAG presents new online exhibition 'BANDS'

BLAG is proud to present 'BANDS', the third exclusive online exhibition.


In 'BANDS' viewers can get a close look at Sarah J. Edwards’ iconic, film still inspired photography and Sally A. Edwards’ art direction.

Sarah and Sally’s ethos is that each shoot aims to portray subjects naturally. Taking an organic approach, with zero to little in the way of retouching and essential lighting only. Sarah uses singular spot lights normally reserved for film sets or natural light and focuses on creating the right atmosphere. Sarah and Sally believe making striking images for BLAG is born out of bringing key ingredients to each session; humour, story telling, respect, down-to-earth scene setting and specifically created soundtracks.

Over the years the duo have worked with world renowned, award winning bands including Beastie Boys, Queens of The Stone Age, Phoenix, The Raconteurs, OutKast and many more for exclusive shoots for the magazine. Here, for the first time is a curated collection of images, many shot on medium format film. When viewed on the big screen, the authentic grain creates a rich intimate experience. Scientifically, it also releases serotonin due to the how realistic the visuals are. A pretty good thing for how lonely we've all been for far too long.

Here's to the music they've made that's encouraged and soundtracked our lives and to the feel good factor from experiencing the online show.

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