“‘Ello girls!” An Amy Winehouse Tribute

It’s hard to believe Amy left us a decade ago.

We first met the future Grammy Award winner after one of her early shows at Shepherds Bush Empire, she and Yasiin Bey had been trying to meet to talk about working together.

Yasiin had some acting work in London and he, Sally and I became a tight unit. He would spend most evenings at our flat where we would picnic on the lounge floor, binge movies and talk….talk and talk and talk and talk.

Sally and my flat became a place of solace for people to visit, to take a breath, to eat home cooked food, open up about dreams and let their frustrations out.

Yasiin arranged for Amy come and meet him for the first time at the flat, from there they went out around the neighbourhood.

Nights later, Yasiin, Sally and I were on having an evening out. He wanted to check out Amy’s show, so we dashed across the city, only to arrive at Shepherd’s Bush Empire just in time for the audience’s wild applause. We missed the show, but this would be the first time we met Amy.

“‘Ello girls!”

That will always be how I remember her.

We would run into each other here and there afterwards. It wasn’t until 2006 when we featured her in BLAG, that I was able to sit down with her properly. We did a very quick photo shoot the day after her debut ‘Back To Black’ performance on Later with Joolz. The shoot ran just 15 minutes in fact, she hadn’t eaten and arrived tired and hungry.

The big budget fashion shoot in the studio next door, were gracious enough to bring her a huge plate of food, having heard about a growling stomach next door.

A few days later we would meet again for her interview. Amy was sweet, shy and just loved song. She asked if we could hang out, but schedules never allowed, whenever we ran into each other, Amy, Sally and I dreamt of throwing all girl DJ parties.

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