Limited Edition Art | Elms Lesters 1, 2006

Elms Lesters, London, 2006.

Photography by Sarah J. Edwards (BLAG).

I rarely get a moment to photograph the environment I'm working in on our shoots, so it's always a treat to capture behind-the-scenes images before our subjects arrive. This series of shots is from a really special place tucked away in central London called 'Elms Lesters Painting Rooms' where major artists such as José Parlá, Futura 2000, Phil Frost, Ron English and W.K. Interact have all painted and shown some incredible exhibitions. Sally and I also had the pleasure of directing some short documentaries from these shows on behalf of the gallery. We shot our N.E.R.D cover there along with sessions with Dynamo, Helen McCrory and more.

The atmosphere here is truly relaxing, as it hums with creativity and is a genuine creative retreat from the hustle and bustle outside.

This image shows detail of artist marks and paint around one of the famous painting frames using blues, yellow, greens, black and white. You can purchase a limited edition print of this piece here.

Stay tuned for how you can be one of the exclusive owners of this piece of art.