N.E.R.D Teaser

The original story was first published in BLAG Vol. 2 Nø 10 print edition in 2009.

Interview and Photography by Sarah J. Edwards
Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards
Shot on location at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, London

We’ve invited Pharrell, Chad and Shae over to our favourite hidden and inspiring place in London, Elms Lesters Painting Rooms. We’re shooting the cover upstairs in one of its historic painting frames, Pharrell is trying to catch me out in his charming way.

I’ve got a nice shot of the gents lined up against a wall – I know, hardly rocket science or hugely creative – and as always literally before I take the picture, I check their faces. Pharrell, good. Chad, good. Shae, good. Take the shot and realise just as my eyes leave him, Pharrell has pulled the most hysterical face.

N*E*R*D are making a pit stop in London as part of their hectic and superhuman global promotional tour for Seeing Sounds. A recent example? One day, New York City, the next day Bern, Switzerland and the next Los Angeles. So, they are tired. However, as they liven up, the antics begin – which incidentally culminates in Pharrell doing the worst ever impression of me, of all time. His voice screeching out as a high-pitched and hilariously posh “Pharrell, if that’s how you hear me, it’s all over!” It’s all good-natured though, as this isn’t the first time we’ve worked together.

Sarah: Chad?

Chad: Uh huh.

Sarah: Please can you describe Shae and Pharrell by way of personality, habits and most notable traits?

Chad: [Pauses] Well... Entertaining. Very, very entertaining and they’re good friends. Very cool, determined and very disciplined.

Sarah: What about habits and notable traits? [to Pharrell and Shae] Please chip in and see if you agree or not.

Chad: We went through a lot of stuff when we were growing up, so it was weird... I wanted to be like them. Us three were like The Three Amigos and growing up, I started to associate myself with that. I wanted to be like them and be a part of the group. I was always trying to just be like them. Musically, that swagger. I was like some kid that had it easy back home. They had a lot of fun, they’d get into trouble a lot and I could go on and on with details, it’s just... [pauses, laughs, obviously had a vision of the past and loudly blurts out] It was just an amazing experience!

Sarah: Right, Shae, do you agree with that?

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