OutKast Teaser

The original story was first published in BLAG Vol. 2 Nø 6 print edition in 2006.

Interview and Photography by Sarah J. Edwards
Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards

Outkast really don't need an introduction, we all know they're one of the best groups in music. So, we thought we would let you know what happened when we met André and Big Boi again. There was a power cut, a card game, fresh fruit and herbal tea, plus a whole lot of laughter. We also let Big Boi and André control aspects of their piece and gave them the opportunity to state a few facts and set aside the fiction. We'd hand-on-heart recommend you read the following.

‘Idlewild’, in case you haven’t heard, is the title of OutKast’s latest album and film. This time around André and Big Boi have set the ideas and creativity bar even higher. The album sails fantastically through blues, soul, jazz, funk and hip hop genres like they were meant to be together. The film is a 1930s musical extravaganza, in which Big Boi plays ‘Rooster’, a popular club owner, and André plays ‘Percival’, a quiet piano player by night and assistant at his father’s funeral parlour by day. It’s a story of reaching goals, love, murder and heartbreak and not only that, it also makes you believe tracks like ‘The Way You Move’ and ‘Bowtie’ really could’ve been the kind of music our forefathers and mothers got down to.

It is a sunny Saturday afternoon in central London, and we converge on the Metropolitan Hotel from different places. Upstairs we’re greeted by OutKast’s publicist Chloe and taken to the conference room where the shoot will take place. Later a power cut will blow the photographic lights, but we’ll put the magazine’s name to use to borrow some more.

The shoot will be animated by André’s cheeky sense of humour and soundtracked by Big’s roll to rap every thought he is having to a backing track of Organized Noize beats.

“His sense of humour is spontaneous, he likes to have fun with everybody even if he don’t know you.” - André on Big Boi.

“Sense of humour is in the sense of like, it’s dark comedy almost. He’s like a wise guy, like sometimes he’ll sneak up on you and you don’t know it, ‘cause he’ll do it with a straight face.” Big Boi on André.

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