Ten Essential Tips For A Perfect Day To Yourself​ by Gillian Anderson

We asked Gillian Anderson to write Ten Essential Tips for the Perfect Day to Yourself to feature in BLAG Vol.2 Nø 10, themed D.I.Y. She delivered 10 tips to challenge you to be different. Go ahead and try some...

This feature first appeared in BLAG Vol.2 Nø 10 published in 2009, this is an edited version.

Actor Gillian Anderson in a strapless blue dress, photographed in a ballroom in Bloomsbury, London
Gillian Anderson photographed by Sarah J. Edwards

Introduction by Sally A. Edwards

Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

Styling by Harris Elliott

Hair by Luca

Make-Up by Celena Hancock for Chanel

Styling Assistant by Camilla Deno

Shot on location at The Bloomsbury Ballroom


Gillian Anderson is extraordinarily busy. Her career has been consistent – and along the way, award winning. Chris Carter, producer of The X-Files took a chance on the then unknown 24-year-old actress and cast her a Special Agent Dana Scully. Little did they know the series would run for ten years, be an international success, put Gillian in the spotlight of an adoring audience worldwide and soon be releasing its second feature film, The X-Files: I Want To Believe.

Chris Carter who took the role of both writer and director for the feature wanted to keep the plot under-wraps to prevent spoilers. Though he does admitt, "There's a whole new audience I want to introduce to The X-Files, this is a stand-alone movie and it is not a mythology, conspiracy movie." Intriguing, as usual.

Since moving to London, Gillian has also been seen in some great British independent projects, including The Last King of Scotland, Straightheads and soon Boogie Woogie and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. With all this work and packed schedules, a day for your own would certainly be cherished. So, we asked Gillian to give us Ten Essential Tips for the Perfect Day to Yourself. Here they are...

Nø. 1

If you normally wake up late, then wake up early. If you wake up early, then treat yourself by waking up late.

Nø. 2

If you normally eat sugary things for breakfast then treat yourself with fresh fruit, whole grain cereals, and full fat yogurt with honey. If that's your normal fare, then eat a bowl of frosted flakes.

Nø. 3

If you normally take a quick shower in the morning, then take a long bath at night.

Nø. 4

Pack a book and a paper and go for a walk, either in your own neighbourhood or explore a new one.

Nø. 5

Stop in the shops and browse rather than speeding in to get a specific thing.

Nø. 6

Find a coffee shop you've never been into and make yourself at home. Read the paper, a magazine, or just relax and watch the other human beings coming and going.

Nø. 7

Find a green space and sit under a tree to read your book. Take a nap right where you are.

Nø. 8

Invite a friend over you have not seen in ages and go to the cinema to see a foreign film followed by dinner in restaurant you've never tried or an ethnicity you've never tried. Or...

Nø. 9

Invite them over for rented movies and either a take out or to co-cook a recipe you've never made before.

Nø. 10

If you normally go to bed late, go to bed early. If you go to bed early, then stay up till the sun shines!