Ten Essential Tips For An Adventurous Night Out​ by Leigh Whannell

For the print edition of BLAG Vol.3 Nø 3 Leigh Whannell kindly contributed a brilliant 10 Essential giving us tips on how to have an adventurous night out. We guarantee inspiration.

The original story was first published in BLAG Vol. 3 Nø 3 print edition in 2015.


Portrait of Actor / Director Leigh Whannell. Leigh is photographed casually in front of a black railing. He gently smiles.
Leigh Whannell photographed by Matt Sayles

Ten Essential Tips For An Adventurous Night Out

Nø. 1

Travel. Go somewhere different. If you can’t fly yourself to another city, go to a neighbourhood in your town that you’ve never been to before. Exploration always leads to adventure, Indiana Jones taught us that.

Nø. 2

Don't plan too much. Over planning kills fun. You can pick somewhere to eat or an activity like bowling, but after that let the night take you where it takes you.

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Activities are key. Rather than go down the well trodden path of a boozing it up in some bar, include a novel activity. Scour the internet for something fun and different. A group of friends and I recently signed up for a murder mystery game and it was the most fun thing ever.

Nø. 4

Get a hotel room. Sleeping in a hotel turns a night out in your own town into a trip away.

Nø. 5

Wear costumes. No one should be too cool for costumes. At the aforementioned murder mystery night, we all dressed like 1940s film noir people. It instantly got everyone in the mood for mischief.

Nø. 6

Pick a theme. Even if you don’t dress up, picking a theme for the night is always fun. For example, it could be a tiki night where you and your gang only go to tiki bars and have to drink something that’s on fire. I want to plan this right now, in fact.

Nø. 7

Hire a party bus / limo. Some people may think that stretch limos are only the providence of drunken high schoolers or gangs of bridesmaids. They are wrong. First of all, if you’re going to be drinking, you need everyone to be safe and not drive. Secondly, it’s a great way to keep everyone in the same car, rather than catching five different taxis. If everyone in the group pitches in, they’re actually pretty cheap. Every time I’ve done this I’ve had fun.

Nø. 8

Talk to new people. None of us wants to wake up hog-tied in someone’s basement with a ball gag in our mouth, at which point we realize that the stranger we chatted to in the bar is a serial killer who roofied us. That being said, striking up conversations with strangers in the safety of a group usually adds to the fun. Who knows, you might add someone new to the group cos they’re so awesome.

Nø. 9

Start early. Nothing kills the potential of a night like getting too late of a start. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in a city like Barcelona where no one starts their night until ten or later, you don’t want to leave it too late. You need all the time you can get for the adventure.

Nø. 10

Plan for your hangover. Don’t let the hangover kill you. Drink water periodically throughout the night and get a brunch booking for the next day. Do everything possible to make sure you’re taking care of yourself the next day and not feeling too much pain.