Ten Essential Ways To Be Kind To The Planet by Very Nice Person

We introduced you to new band, Very Nice Person whose single, Plastic is out now. Read the interview here.

Now find Very Nice Person’s Ten Essential with tips on ways to be kind to the planet.

Just taking simple measures can have a huge impact, why not start with one idea today:

1. Be aware of how your actions impact the environment.

2. Reduce single use plastic from your daily life as much as possible.

3. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle all material goods.

Davis in the studio

4. Choose sustainable/regenerative options when it comes to food or anything else.

5. Grow your own food whenever possible.

6. Buy from farmers markets whenever possible.

7. Cook your own food whenever possible.

Skyler prepping food

8. Support the products, organizations, people etc. who are contributing to a healthier planet.

9. Focus on the little changes we can all make to our daily lives like getting a water bottle and using a reusable bag.

10. Spread the awareness as much as possible.

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