Les Twins BLAG magazine cover photography Sarah J. Edwards Art Direction Sally A Edwards Paris

BLAG Vol.3 Nø 5

ONLY A HANDFUL OF EDITIONS LEFT TO PURCHASE, UNTIL LOCKDOWN ENDS. SIGNED BY SALLY & SARAH Dive into the exclusive, inspiring and humorous world of BLAG. This beautiful coffee table magazine features some of the finest musicians, artists, creators and actors, many interviewed and photographed by BLAG’s creators, British Twins Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards. Get inside creative minds with official stories and intimate photoshoots. A must for any aspiring creatives and lovers of music, art, culture and entertainment.
  • BLAG Vol.3 Nø 5 

    Covers: Les Twins / Joey Bada$$ / Noomi Rapace

    Theme: Adventure

    Featuring: Les Twins, Joey Bada$$, TroyBoi, including Ten Essential Ways To Make Things Happen by Joey Bada$$, 24 Hours In Nashville by Amerigo Gazaway, Ham Yard Hotel, Magnus Gjoen, Kowloon Tiger, Icekream, Azzi Glasser, L’Escargot, Kirk Knight, Leigh Whannell, Leland, Anne Fletcher, Hasselblad, Hotel Marignan Paris, Undrtone, The Dentist Gallery, Hotel Cafe Royal, BLAG Diary BTS photos and more. 


    128 Glossy Pages

    Size: 23cm x 30cm x 0.75cm

    Weight: 600g

    ISSN: 1366 4522 25

    Published in 2015