André Benjamin | Exclusive Excerpt Vol.2 Nø 1

Interview: Sally A. Edwards
Photography: Sarah J. Edwards

I am André 3000, one half of OutKast. I am here, I am blagging, I am hustling. Hello.

Sally: Describe your style to us – music, dress and general sense.
André: I would call it: ‘Whatever, whatever. Schizo, schizo. Whatever-you-feel-like-that-morning’ style.
Sally: Is that your whole style?
André: Yes. Music style, clothing style, attitude-on-life style.
Sally: Describe a typical day.
André: The typical day. I’ll get up, listen to songs I’ve worked on last night, see if they still sound good to me. I will get breakfast, but usually breakfast is lunch for me because I may not get up until 1 or 2pm. Go buy something, or go look at something. Find something to snack on. Music. More music. Ummm... Go see a movie. Work on some more music. Go to sleep. Get back up and repeat it and see if I like what I worked on last night! That’s about it.
Sally: Tell me your Top Ten Loves
  • André: I love broccoli
  • I love oil and vinegar dressing
  • I love corduroy
  • I love hats
  • I love ascots
  • I love people that are not loud
  • I love European cars
  • I love Adidas
  • I love Indian and Asian food
  • I love beautiful women

Sally: That leads me on to my last question. Describe a real lady.

André: A real lady is someone that respects your space. A real lady doesn’t try to force her opinions on other people. She’s not judgmental of other people. She chooses her words wisely. Presents herself in public as a lady and at home she can do whatever the fuck she wants to do. Strong headed, but not overbearing. A true lady stands by her man even if he’s doing dumb shit, she stands by him, but she lets him know: ‘That’s dumb shit you’re doing.’ A true lady raises true ladies. She would probably be worldly, she would know what’s going on in the world including current events.

The full interview appears in BLAG Vol.2 Nø 1


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Front: André 3000 | Back: 50 Cent Double Cover

Theme: World Peace by Sally A. Edwards & Sarah J. Edwards

Gloss laminate cover, 100 pages, original photography and stories, heavy weight satin paper, 245mm x 303mm ISSN: 1366-4552 11

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