BLAG Magazine: Volume 2 Nø 5 Cillian Murphy

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Front: Cillian Murphy

Theme: Women on Men by Sally A. Edwards & Sarah J. Edwards
Gloss laminate cover, 100 pages, original photography and stories, heavy weight gloss paper, 230mm x 295mm ISSN: 1366-4552 15
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Cillian Murphy, Fionn, INTRODUCING... K’Naan, Jamie Cullen, Robert Delamere, Jonathan Tucker, Alister Doomington, Art: José Parla, Big Gipp, Kim Gordon, Fashion: Rebel Boys, Rubberband Girl, Ten Essential Tips for a Successful Date by Lily Allen, Q&A Men with Scott King, Phoenix, Talib Kweli, Miguel Caulderón, Mike Giant, T.I, Phil Frost, Lupe Fiasco, Kenzo Minami, David Foldvari, Yacht Associates

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