Howard Charles Interview | Vol.3 Nø 4 Edition

Interview & Photography: Sarah J. Edwards

Sarah challenged Howard Charles (Musketeers) to the infamous BLAG card game for Vol.3 Nø 4. Here we're given a list of words by the interviewee to construct original questions from. Howard chose a variety including love and romance. Here's the outcome...

Is there less real love these days? Why?

“It depends on who the lovers are. How many lovers out there disagree but still hold hands? Not enough. It’s all about the little things. The parts and the whole. You can’t have the parts without the whole. Perhaps love is like spinning plates. You have to keep on top of it and pay attention otherwise something is always smashing or wobbling or being lost and before you know it, you’re standing in a mess. Love is real. It exists. And it’s inside us all to give. It doesn’t need very much water in order to blossom brighter and stronger than anything else but that watering has to be frequent. It requires effort.” 

Nicely put, so is romance becoming historical or a luxury even?

“Ah, romance. Wooing. What a wonderful part of being human. It excites me so I hope not. Romance isn’t dead. I’ve heard some say it’s just more expensive than ever and lacking originality. Romance is inspired by more than wanting to get into someone’s pants. It can and should be initiated by women too, not just men. I love romantic gestures. The most successful couple I know – yeah there is only one – they both put effort into one another. They both surprise each other, they make romantic gestures toward one another, they think about each other, they make each other happy. And on the subject of thinking about one another, like my Mum used to say, ‘It’s the thought that counts.’ And it really is. Romance is always a gift and you don’t give to receive. Or do you? [Laughs] Romance for me is about making another person’s soul dance.

“I think one of the reasons it lacks originality and seems like it’s DOA is because not much is left to the imagination anymore - one example being that people have very easy access to an incredible amount of pornography. You only need an Internet connection and you can easily find some very heavy stuff and it would seem there are a lot of guys out there that then become disillusioned between what is fantasy and what is reality per se. I imagine that could be the source of a lot of disagreements. Hey, when two consenting adults get together, do your thing. Cool. It’s about respect.” 

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