Phoenix | Exclusive Excerpt from BLAG Vol.2 Nø 6

Interview by Sally A. Edwards

Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

Excerpt from BLAG Vol.2 Nø 6


Parisian quartet Phoenix have been a firm favourite with BLAG since their debut album, ‘United’. However, with a practically constant touring schedule it’s taken us until their third album, ‘It’s Never Been Like That’ to finally get together. We meet the gents in North London and take them out for a Guinness.

Seated around a small table going clockwise to my immediate left is Branco – guitarist, Thomas – singer, Christian (Branco’s brother) – guitarist and opposite me, Deck – bassist. They’re in a fun and upbeat mood. It’s a typical English pub, patterned carpets, game machines, small sunken seats, wooden stools, locals who are so relaxed, they appear to be in slow motion and a roving cat. The drinks arrive and it’s ‘cheers’ all round, or, ‘cheaz’ if you’re clinking in francais. The scene is set.

Alright, first of all, I want you to describe each other’s style, attitude and taste. Christian: Deck has always had the same style since he was six years old. He’s the most straight.

Deck: Chris, it’s hard to describe Chris. He’s a French gentleman, very elegant and very nice with women. He’s a proper gentleman. He finds the positive side of everything. It’s true.

Branco: Thomas, the style of Thomas... Thomas cuts his hair himself so he’s got this particular haircut called ‘The Mouvance’. I write it down because it’s important. You say it.

I do my best french accent, ‘The Mouvance’.

Branco: Oh! I like that!
Thomas: Branco is the opposite of me, he changes his style every what? Six months, nine months. Five months.

What’s the latest incarnation? The latest style?
Thomas: It’s Yves Saint Laurent. Seventies style – but not the actual guy, the clothes.

Can you tell us your funniest memories of each other.
Branco: Deck has a problem with his ankle, so he’s always falling down at some impromptu moment, you know? Some weird moment. Like we’re doing a photoshoot and suddenly he falls down! It’s true. Lately he fell down in the pool, it was two days ago in Mexico. I also have a picture of him in the sea. We were in San Francisco. Voila. I will show you.

Thomas: Branco. It’s not funny but Branco likes to push me into the mosh pit when we have concerts. Usually I’m on the border because I like to sing close to people and he pushes me in. So he’s violent, in a friendly way.

Deck: Noooo, just not violent more...

Thomas: Brotherly.

Deck: More gentle, but powerful.

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OutKast & Nelly Furtado Double Cover

Theme: Me, Myself and I by Sally A. Edwards & Sarah J. Edwards

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