BLAG co-founders announce expansion into screenwriting and producing

British twin sisters, Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards have ten original film and television projects in development

16th November 2020

Updated 14th January 2021


“Sarah and I have been storytelling in various mediums since we were old enough to pick up pencils, crayons and cameras. We were not only taught, but conditioned to create original, authentic work via art school,” said Sally.


“Writing for the screen allows us to create from a more empathetic and subjective perspective,” explained Sarah.


BLAG co-founders and British twin sisters, Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards announce their expansion into screenwriting and producing. Sally and Sarah — who will work collectively and individually — are currently developing ten film and television projects, of which two are collaborative. The titles cross action, thriller, science fiction, horror and comedy genres. 


“Our dream has long been to create high-end, gripping stories for the screen to reward and inspire audiences,” said Sarah. “The vast experiences we’ve had behind-the-scenes publishing our magazine, working in entertainment and the challenges life has presented us, allow us a great pool of inspiration to draw from. Through our writing we remain dedicated to raising awareness and offering solutions to key and important issues such as climate change and mental health.”


Sally adds, “We started BLAG when we were young teenagers, then left home for London just under two years later,” Sally continued. “Through our own experiences, we’ve seen the kinds of stories depicted in critically acclaimed films play out right before our eyes. Adding screenwriting to our repertoire is not only a natural move, but one that is incredibly exciting for us, giving us the chance to create rich, authentic and highly entertaining stories.”


The move demonstrates Sally and Sarah’s dedication to creating high quality entertainment and allows them to work on a larger scale, unleash their unique vision and style via crafted storytelling.


Two screenplays are currently completed; a compelling, colourful action horror focusing on climate change by Sally and a glossy science fiction thriller, examining imposter syndrome and autonomy by Sarah. A further eight projects are in active development. 


Sally and Sarah co-founded BLAG as a ‘zine using Saturday job wages, while studying at art college and grew it to become an influential, international glossy magazine. They gained a reputation for discovering and championing award-winning artists in music, film and art ahead of many mainstream publishers. 

In December 2020, Sally and Sarah signed with Zero Gravity Management for worldwide representation by Leon Clarance and Nick Terry for screenwriting.

"As we expand into the European talent pool, I am excited to work with Leon Clarance, in our London office, representing Sally and Sarah stateside. Their creative talents are as infectious as their personal story and we believe in them so much - we're eager to introduce them to studio executives, producers and directors in the United States," said Nick Terry.

Leon Clarance added “I’m delighted to be working with Sally and Sarah across their slate. We’ve known each other for almost five years now and I’ve been tracking their progression with interest. Having been a huge fan of their publication and editorial style, it comes as no surprise to me that their writing talents are now being deployed so convincingly alongside their innate talent to present stunning visuals for relevant audiences in the filmed content marketplace. They’ve built some amazing worlds, and brought compelling characters to life, and I can’t wait to help their work find its audience both in the UK and internationally."


About BLAG

Sally and Sarah produced in-depth, down-to-earth editorial content leaning into humour and kindness, unveiling an empathetical view point not often seen. Over the years, the duo have produced and created hundreds of original shoots and interviews. Often undertaking multiple roles including: location, styling, photography and interviewing, as well as collaborating with some of the world’s leading cinematographers, hair, make up and styling talents. They have directed promo for brands including Nike and Essie and made short documentaries on ground-breaking artists including José Parlá and Futura 2000. 


Original content created by Sally and Sarah includes BLAG covers featuring: André 3000, Beastie Boys, Cillian Murphy, OutKast, James McAvoy, N*E*R*D, Julian Casablancas, Slash, Les Twins and Joey Bada$$. Features included: Daft Punk, The Raconteurs, Amy Winehouse, Justice, MGMT, Phoenix, Andrew Garfield, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Helen McCrory and Janelle Monáe. Guest contributors to BLAG include: Chuck D, Questlove, Mike D, John Legend and Mark Ronson. 

“The twins racked up an impressive list of cover stars.” - Complex

“While BLAG’s feature stars command the spotlight...the sisters’ personalities drive its vision.” - Metro


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