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BLAG is by British twin sisters, Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards.


The creative duo co-founded BLAG beginning as a 'zine while at Art College. They have since gone on to create and produce a large body of work including glossy coffee table magazines, a book, this designer subscription content site and short films. They currently have several film projects in development.


“We absolutely believe everyone thrives best on humour, love and kindness, so we created BLAG to serve large doses of encouragement and laughter through honest storytelling: interviews, writing and imagery.”

Sally and Sarah’s passion to create unique entertainment only grows.


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"Let me just say first, you and your sister are… you are the human form of the truth serum. Only in this magazine will I truly give the real answers and not my contrived journalistic answers.

…I'm just making an observation that all your cover subjects' publicists don't know that you’re the greatest magazine ever.”

— Questlove, The Roots