Introduction and Photography by Sarah J. Edwards
Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards

We love The Game, and after the success of both his debut album ‘The Documentary’ and the newly released ‘Doctor’s Advocate’, he must be feeling on top of the world. So, we thought there couldn’t be a better person to dish out some confidence boosting tips to you all.

“OK, it’s ‘Ten Essential Ways To Boost Your Confidence’, by The Game.”

Nø. 1

“Alright, ways that I boost my confidence. You know, spending time with family is always a confidence booster. I have to separate family and say spending time with my son, because he’s, you know, he’s a family in itself.

Nø. 2

“That would be number two, you know if you have kids, spend a lot of time with them. Kids always bring that inspiration and that motivation.

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“Number three, would be find something that you did as a child, that brought you a tremendous amount of joy. We all have that kid somewhere living inside us and sometimes we’ve just got to channel him sometimes, when we get into those dark places.

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“Number four, would be to take a ride. A long ride somewhere, maybe two or three hours somewhere. If you can get someone to drive you, it’s even better, someone that’s always good company and you take a ride through the valley or down a long road or something like that.

Nø. 5

“Number five for me, would be to smoke a little green, that’s always a confidence booster for me. Some people it’s makes them lazy, but for me man, good green definitely puts me on the right track.

Nø. 6

“Number six, would be to pick up a hobby like maybe boxing or karate. Some sport where you can just diminish the frustrations.

Nø. 7

“Number seven, would be to watch an old lady nourish her garden. Yeah! Looking out the window as a child, I used to have this old lady next door named, Mrs. Cooper and you know every morning at like 5.30am, 6am, she would go outside and nourish her garden. Cut the grass and pull the weeds up and clip the flowers and what have you. And I’d always be at my window getting dressed and be like, ‘What’s the old lady doing?’ but as I grew older I kind of understood that she took pride in her home and that it was hers.

Nø. 8

“Number eight, now this is where they get tricky right here. Haaa. Number eight, would be to leave your surroundings and take a vacation. Anywhere, you know? Maybe even plan it, you know? Take a vacation somewhere you’ve never been and you’ve always wanted to go. Again, bring good company or go alone, depending on how comfortable you are with yourself and your travels. A good vacation is always great.

Nø. 9

“Number nine, get a male or female companion to give you a massage. You know, rub you down. Start at the temples and end at soles of your feet. It’s always worked for me.

Nø. 10

“And number ten, last but definitely not least would be to just have great sex. It’s always inspirational, you know. That’s that, get up and go. So, that would be ten!

This article first appeared in the print edition of BLAG - Vol.2 Nø 6 in 2007

Joey Bada$$ for BLAG magazine Photography by Sarah J. Edwards Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards
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Stephen Marley for BLAG magazine Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

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